Hop on Wheel Hints

Hey I’ve been riding for about 6 months and am level 5, almost level 6 but I need to learn to transation from and to hopping on wheel so any tips would be helpful, thx in advance.

don’t be scared, and practise

also, try jumping onto the wheel form the ground and hopping. It takes alot of work but is really really rewarding when you finally do it.

I’ve heard that it helps to hold the seat close to your knees/body and look down at the ground.

I can’t really do it, but I also don’t try very often.

Wear leg armor. Hopping on the tire is surprisingly easy, especially if you’ve done uni spins. Start the same way as you would for a seat-out unispin, but only rotate the uni 90 degrees, or you can rotate it 45, and rotate your self 45, or yourself 90, whichever you find easiest. Getting on the tire is easy, staying there takes practice. You don’t really need the shin guards until you start transitioning back to the pedals. It’s actually easier than you think, and since you’re landing seat out again, you don’t have to worry about jewel crushing :wink:

And as always, practice, practice, practice… :wink:

When hopping on the wheel, should you have your feet really close to the frame to stop the wheel moving?

yea have your feet right up against the frame, your wheel will have less chance of moving side to side that way.

hoping on your wheel is really easy. it took me about 10min or so to learn. first just place once foot next to the frame and hop straight up onto the wheel and try to hop, keep trying that untill you finally can do at least 5 hops. then try doing it from the pedals making a 90 unispin. the hardest part there is to get your feet right up against the frame but it can be done with some practise. next you need to do a 90 unispin again to get your feet back on the pedals, if yo ucan do a unispin first it will help a lot.

yea i just got like 10 transations from the pedals to the wheel today!