hop on wheel help

Hey ive been workining on hop on wheel for a while and i can get up to the wheel now but not land it. im just doing a drop down and i want to learn that before ww down and step down. any tips?

i cant hop to whell yet

thats encouraging

I think it helps if you can do 180 unispin… just do a little jump with your foot and spin the unicycle. I find it easier to spin the unicycle the opposite direction that you spin the unicycle to go on the weel

hope this help

Just keep at it man, its one of those annoying tricks that just has to be learnt. I know after about the 10th failure it gets boring, but the more you try the easier it will get.
Here’s a tip anyway, if you are spinning the uni, try spinning you body instead, I found that was easier. Just spot the pedals and then jump down.

Hope that helps,


itll be quite a while afore i do 180 unispin.
but ill try the opposite direction dealio

the worst one like that has got to be spins. i have to learn spins and hop on wheel, spins r way worse and i hate them!!! when i learn hop on wheel, ill actually do it and use it. when i learn spins, i will pass level 6 and never use it again until i have to

one thing i did when i was learning that was to learn just jumping from the ground onto the pedals, it will help to give you a feel for landing on the pedals. Once you can jump from the ground to your pedals without a problem, you should be able to do it with almost no trouble from the wheel.

Squeeze your feet together so the frame cant move side-to-side any. And try to stand over the seat, so your weight is directly over the uni.

Instead of spinning the uni 90 degrees, try twisting your legs down onto the pedals. And don’t jump, fall.

yeah i can already do that
but still cant land from the wheel.

well just keep trying, thats the only advice i have for that.
just focus on the pedals.

Make sure you’re not putting any weight on the seat when you hop down to the pedals. If you do, the uni will move a little and make it hard to be consistant. Spot your landing, stay relaxed and keep your hands and feet light. Eventually it will just click.


20and 1/2 days till school is out!!!
thanks for all the advice people it was very helpful and i can do it now!!!
thanks again.
im going to go unicycle to the garage sales around the neighborhood