hop hight

How high is an average hop for someone whos has been riding for about a year?

for seat out sidehops I can manage about 19-21 inches. Higher if its onto a rock. I can do about a 22" or so rolling hop.

I’ve been riding since last october.

Well, yesterday I turned my recycle bin upside-down and got my biggest rolling hop! I was pretty psyched, about 15"… doesn’t sound like much, but my highest before that was like 6" or something like that. I’ve been riding for about three and a half months, lol dunno how that’ll help you…

Well that depends how good you have gotten. I know people that have been riding about that long and can hop well over 30".

Like Soylent products, hop hieght varies from person to person. I’m kind of lame; I’ve been riding for about 4 years and by biggest hop is only around 15-16".

i have been riding (hardish) for 9? months and my biggest measured hop is over 28" I have jumped a big traffic cone … however big those are.

after a year of riding i could hop about 10cm. that was before i was into trials. now i can hop onto an 80cm ledge.

I had a poll a week or two ago; it showed that the vast majority of riders have a sidehop under 25". Then, very few people are from 26-30", and another (around 25%) from 30+ were many riders.

I can only presume that once you have 26"+, going to 30+ is fast learning.

well ive been riding for 5 years but only getting in to the trialsy stuff last year ,id say i coulc do a go around
2 1/2 cubits seat it
1¼ cubits rolling hop
3 cubits sif

I have been riding for about a year and 2 months and I have hopped 84cm onto a ledge (kinda lucky :p) and 70cm over a bar. Although, my official high jump over a bar is 65cm.


Ive been riding since febuary and can get 20" consistently on my trials. I cant rolling hop at all so i dont know.

After a year of riding, I cold hop arund 67 cm… Seat out.
I had rided trial unicycle for 5 months I think.

Well, I’ve been uniing for 6 months but I could not hop on my old one because it didn’t have a handle. I got my DX 3 weeks ago and I can side hop umm… about 2.5 to 3 feet i think. I can hop about a foot and half high. I should really measure that.

wait, did you mean side hop up or just plain sideways?


i’ve been riding for about 4 1/2 months…i can rolling hop about 20"…my stand still hop is probably higher like 25"…but i can’t hop onto sufaces higher than 20" usually

Ohhhhhh! up!
That’s about where I’m at too^^^^ probably a little less though. I’ve been injuring my hands a lot lately so I haven’t had much of a chance to proactice hopping much.:frowning:

5 months and around 50cms-60cms