hop and seat grabing


When i hop on a point to stabilize myself, i grab the seat by the handle(i have
a miyata) or directly the front of seat. But i noticed that several people[1]
experienced in uni trial grab it by the middle. I tried and find it more
unstable as the rider can no more squeeze the seat between his/her legs. What
are the advantages of grabbing the seat by the middle ?

[1] http://community.webshots.com/photo/9582686/9641746wgjilWgoxe

Re: [hop and seat grabing]

What are the advantages of grabbing the seat by the middle ?

*Note that not only is the seat being grabbed in the middle it is held out in
front of you, not between your legs. This is the distinction between hopping
and jumping.

When you hop your saddle is beneath you while when jumping your saddle is held
out in front of you.

See the tips page of muniac manor for more info http://www.muniac.com/tips.htm

The reason the seat is held in the middle is that while jumping you are more
stable holding the seat in the middle or at the back than by the front. Jumping
is harder than hopping but well worth learning.

Holding the seat in front of you enables you to jump higher and further. Because
the seat is not in the way you can bend your knees further to get more
compression (= more power). It is also possible to pull up on the unicycle while
in mid air to clear large obstacles.

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