Hop 5 times

I have finished the hints for level 2. I don’t plan to write any for the left
and right foot mounts, because they are the same skill as the mount required in
level 1. I don’t have any hints for the figure 8 or the 90 degree turns other
than to practice. If anyone has any hints for these I will make a hint file for
them, but otherwise I will leave them alone.

Somewhere in here I will have to tackle level 1, but I am not up to the
controversy yet. In the meantime I will move up to level 3, starting with
hopping. I include an article here on hopping 5 times. As usual I will take
suggestions for improvement.


Hop 5 times

  1. Stop the unicycle with the cranks in a horizontal position.

  2. Stand up on the pedals and lock your knees. Hold on to the front of the seat.

  3. Bounce up and down flexing your ankles, not your knees.

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