Hooray, starting to get the hang of this

Learning to unicycle definitely takes a lot of patience. But…I unicycled 30 ft without falling off today :D. Had my uni about 2 or 3 weeks, totaling about 6 hours of practice.

Any tips to help me get to riding steady or just practice makes perfect? Thanks again for helping me pick out a Uni :j - This Torker LX 24" is perfect. I’ve done a lot of damage to it but it takes damage well.

Well done mate!!

I’ll leave the advice to the ‘big boys’ on here :smiley:

Just keep practicing, and try to make it frequent as opposed to longer at a shot. This will help build stamina. Nice job! :sunglasses:

High seat, comfy sports shoes, chamois shorts, try to put weight on the seat, and feel what the unicycle wants to do, adjust your speed and body position accordingly.

Welcome to the wonderful world of unicycling

If you’re experiencing chronic problems, make a video of yourself riding and post it; then we can give you much more focused advice. Otherwise, enjoy this time; the most “golden” time in learning the unicycle! :slight_smile: