Hooray! New Trials for Me!

Hey All,

Just bought my new nimbus trials uni. I cant wait till next monday!
The best part is that all next week i have half days of school so ill get tons of extra time to ride around and on my school. A quick question. I know it would fit in my locker but if i took the seatpostand saeat off and stuck those in my back pack would my wheen fit on my skateboarding backpack. Im assuming it would. But just to be sure.

I have no clue if it would fit or not, but depending on how far you’d be walking with it, if it was me i’d rather leave it in the locker than carry it around. You won’t need it, unless you just like looking at it, but it’ll be in the locker when you get back : )


you could always bring some tools and disassemble what you can…

or you could put it in a black duffelbag with a loud-tick-tocking clock and demand to put it in the principals office.

Why don’t you just lock it up on the bike racks or a fence?

But why would you have your uni and not be riding it? I don’t understand.
I too have just bought a nimbus trials uni, although from my lbs, so I don’t get a posh seat (it’s got one of them fake visocount jobbies. Might be quite nice for all I know), but it was cheaper than uni.com. Except I have exams, so can’t really ride it properly for about 3 weeks. Grr. Envious. Oh well, it keeps it looking shinky and new, I suppose.


because i doubt theyll let me ride though my school on it.

because i wouldnt trust it to be there when i got back and i want to be able to show off to my 3 Uni friends(2 of which are totally oblivious to the whole muni and trials scene and one who isnt)

My problem with bike racks is that the paint on the seat post gets scraped off and I don’t want that to happen to my new muni. And yes, bike racks aren’t the safest place for a unicycle. SOmetimes I just leave it in my science teachers chemical storage room.

I guess ill find out when it gets here probably will fit and if not ill take theseat off to fit it in my locker. But how long do you think it will take to get here? I ordered it saturday night with regular old ups ground. Im assuming it will ship on monday or tuesday at the latest. So that means itl be here next sat-tues? oh well ill just track it through UPS like i always do. I just want it here now. I even dreamt about it last night. Man i wish it was next week sunday.