Hooray my Package!

today a package of 17 punk/metal/deathmetal and skaCDs came in the mail with 3 cassets. why do you think this is sooo cool youre asking, because it only cost me $30, go to that site for details(the coolest part i the deal only says 14CDs and i got extra:

on unicycling news my yuni frame is coming in the mail tommorow or the next day because it is in commerse city colorado and i have it 3 day select and at its rate it should be here any day now!Hooray i am so ful of Christmas and s**t that i could sing, lalalala…
I am so gona go rip up rno with it when it comes. and if it comes tomorrow I am going to go to a Church dealy thing at the park where we give out burgers and cookies and love to people walking around. its gonna be so cool to love people and my uni at the same time:D
P.S. i dont care that half of this message wasnt about uni’ing so all of u naggy people can just be quiet. because personally i feel there has been enough negativity coming out of this community lately and i for one think it should stop or we will all end up killing eachother like thos blasted union members did to the poor irishmen in the movie “gangs of new york”

3-day select doesnt include holidays,so prey for tommorow.

… I thought this thread was going to be about some seat problems again.:wink:


write what you want to write!! :sunglasses:

If someone doesn’t want to read it, they can stop reading it and go to another thread.:stuck_out_tongue:

speaking of packages and non-uni stuff…

I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of my RCA Lyra RD1020 64Mb mp3 player. I love that name, RCA Lyra RD1020…

I have been wanting one for a long time and I finally got the cash from some nice grandparents. It was 144.99 Canadian, at futureshop.ca. It was a pretty good deal. And I have roughly 4 bucks left to my name. Better not break my uni…

If I have some time, after I get it (hopefully Friday or sooner, but Monday for sure), I may post a review for all you audiophile unicyclists. There’s your “OT” And maybe even a pic, or you can just go see it on the Future Shop site:
and then search for mp3 in the Mobile Audio section. There’s a little box in the top left. Mobiel Audio is in the little drop-down menu under the text box. Look for <<RCA Lyra RD1020>>

Fast forward to Future Shop!

MAN I LOVE MP3s! (But .wma is a far superior format)

Re: speaking of packages and non-uni stuff…

WMA? <spit>

Ogg is better…

Phil, just me


:smiley: !!!:smiley:

My vintage Jo-Bo (Obie) squeezable rubber guy whose eyes, ears, and mouth pop out will be coming as soon as the guy I bought it from gets my mom’s check, the check clears, and he sends it!

I had another one, and it was wonderful. Unfortunately, I took it to school as a model for a still-life in art class, and someone stole it. Why someone would steal something so silly, I don’t know! I was very sad, but then another one was listed on e-bay. I was so excited to find it! It’s worth every penny of the $13.84 I paid for it! Here’s a link to the auction, if it’ll work: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=30&item=3102582594&rd=1

I’m sure everyone cares! :smiley:


Re: Re: speaking of packages and non-uni stuff…

does this mean that your a linux loving hippie too?

who wants a file format thats not free or open or portable. and has the word “windows” in it

ogg vorbis just sounds funkyer and the logo is a fish, what more could you ask for?

actualy in some ways though from a purely technical point of veiw mp3 can be esayer on your computers little overloaded brain, or maybee i should resist the temptation to encode all my oggs at realy high bitrates.

Re: Re: Re: speaking of packages and non-uni stuff…

Well, not really… my main computer still runs windows, but has winamp and an ogg plugin. Although most of my music is mp3…

I dislike WMA because (a) it’s a proprietary format so there’s always the chance you may have to start paying for it, and it requires Media Player which is much more processor intensive than winamp.

Phil, just me

Re: Re: Re: Re: speaking of packages and non-uni stuff…

imho the same applies to windows

to paraphrase you a little:

I dislike windows because (a) it’s a proprietary format so there’s always the chance you may have to pay for it, and it is much more processor intensive than linux.

Re: Hooray my Package!

On Wed, 1 Jan 2003 18:08:53 -0600, phil
<phil.glqzn@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote:

>Well, not really… my main computer still runs windows, but has winamp
>and an ogg plugin. Although most of my music is mp3…

Phil if I may continue this OT exchange and ask: where did you get an
ogg plugin for winamp? I once downloaded some ogg files and a
standalone player but didn’t get the latter to work.


Klaas Bil

Today (2 January) is the first day this year that is not the first day this year.

Vive le Microsoft!!!

> I dislike WMA because (a) it’s a proprietary format so >there’s always the chance you may have to start paying for >it, and it requires Media Player which is much more >processor intensive than winamp.

It’s not quite proprietary. My RCA mp3 player (which finally came today) plays them and has no affiliation with Microsoft. Also, you don’t need Windows Media Player to play them. Heard of MusicMatch? RealOne? Apparently not. Microsoft is cool!

(Linux is, in my opinion, a superior OS to Windows, but alas, it is not as supported (software-wise) as good ol’ Windows XP.)

And I went unicycling yesterday. Just so we can say this thread is a bit more uni-related.

Re: Re: Hooray my Package!

Winamp doesn’t come with one and I couldn’t find it on the winamp site, for some strange reason.

However for winamp 2 there is a semi-official (ie. made by the developers but not a proper release, or something) plugin update pack here (http://www.blorp.com/~peter/zips/wa2update.exe), and a separate ogg vorbis plugin here: http://www.blorp.com/~peter/zips/in_vorbis.exe.

Phil, just me

Re: Vive le Microsoft!!!

going completly off topic here but…

a quick google reveals
if paul davis says no wma then theres no free wma.
(paul davis writes linux audio software)

what probably happend with musicmatch,realone and rca is that they sold their soul to microsft to get the specs to wma (its called an n.d.a.)

no microsoft isn’t cool, but they do own lots of souls. which does make them cool if your a satan worshiper.

and theres 8710 packages for debian linux that work by simply typing apt-get <packagename>

there may be many more packages for windows but many are duplicates and many more don’t work with xp.

if you compare the amount of security vulnerabliities the xp wins hands down though.

i like windows sometimes, the user interface for xp is quite nice.
and networking is fairly simple to set up.
but i’d never actualy have it on my computer.

Re: Hooray my Package!

Thanks Catboy for that link. I got the big brick of music about two months ago. Nice variety and quite a deal. And the best part is that I’m not supporting the RIAA with that purchase. :slight_smile:

Check out Blinded at http://www.blinded.ca/
They’re good. I just ordered their two CDs.

Death to the RIAA!

Whoops! Sorry gang. I thought this thread was in Just Conversation.

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