Hooray, I'm back!

Well after months (sold my trials uni last May) I’ve finally got myself a new ride and my god is it different! Went for a black Nimbus Muni 29er after much deliberation between 24, 26 and 29 and it’s a lot harder than I remember!
I can’t get over the size, never even seen a 29" mountain bike up close so I had no idea how big the wheel would seem and with it being considerably skinnier than my old trials tyre it feels weird to ride. As for free mounting that’s completely out the question at the moment as I’m 6’2" so need the seat pretty high up though I’m bringing it to work for the next few days so I’ll hopefully get it dialled over the weekend.
I plan on keeping it standard for now until I get back into the swing of things and get a few miles under my belt then probably nearer the Summer I’ll swap the cranks for some KH’s, fit my spare disc brake and swap the tyre for something more road friendly. Cannot wait!


I borrowed a 29" last weekend and it really looked HUGE compared to my usual 20" learner machine. I rode a 24" Muni for 30 minutes or so first then tried the 29" again and managed to freemount it on about my 5th attempt.

Keep at it.

The only real problem I had was stamina as, after we’d been out for a couple of hours, I had trouble freemounting because I couldn’t hop high enough any more chuckles

Yeah been playing in the box here at work and I think I’ve about got it now. Will be better once I’ve had chance to go for a moderate spin round my town but I’m pleased so far!

The 29er is a versatile size and like you thought it was massive, until I got my 36er and now that seems normal and I find the 29er small and twitchy, as for my 24" :stuck_out_tongue:

Wife and kids went for a walk before lunch today so I thought I’d bring the muni with me. Got my mounts nailed now which is nice so I’m planning on a little 4-5mile round trip on it one day this week after work to get some practice in on the hills.
Love being back in the saddle!

Had a good first proper ride out after work today. Just went steady and took my time, was out for just under an hour including a call in at the bank and a brief 5 minute breather. More than happy with myself, legs need some serious hill training though! I’m sure I’ll feel it over the next 2 days. :stuck_out_tongue: