Hooray! I can idle (at last!)


It seems like it took me terribly long, but today I managed to idle several times in a row about 8 cycles on average. :smiley: And once I did 12 idle cycles.
I’m really happy I did it at last :slight_smile:

I know I still need a lot of practice, but maybe you’ve got some tips at hand for some of my idling problems:

  • when I idle with my left foot (my right is dominant) I tend to idle in half-cicles instead a straight line
  • idling is quite tiring for me, after those 8 or 10 cycles my idling foot is totally fatigued. I don’t know maybe I should put less force on the lower pedal and put more weight on the seat, but then again I need this weight to push the pedal down. Any ideas?


Well done! Congratulations!

You know what the tips are - practice.

Put as little weight as possible on the upper foot. If you are snaking across the floor it’s because you have got too much weight on the foot that is up. It’s just that right foot trying to get a look in - you did say that it was dominant after all.

For the tiredness - as you know, put as much weight as poss on the saddle and keep practicing. As you relax into it, it will become less tyring. You probably just need to give the bottom foot a little twist at the bottom to keep the peddle moving.

I hope this helps.

Cathy and gkmac – thanks for encouragement! :slight_smile:
And gkmac, wow, your post was very motivating and inspirational! :sunglasses:

Can’t wait till the end of work day to practice more…