Hooray for tyre rotation!

For the past few weeks I’ve been trying to jump onto a bench at the end of my road, and failing. Today I noticed my tyre was wearing a bit low, so I rotated it 180 degrees and 10 minutes later I’m making the bench easy and hopping onto the wall outside my house around 50-60cm! I can’t believe that tiny bit of extra thickness gives that much extra bounce! So how often (and how much each time) do y’all rotate your tyre? I’m thinking of doing it 90 degrees every week when I get a fresh CC.

i just do it when it looks like it needs it

I hardly ever rotate my tires. i haven’t really ever needed to. i will probably start rotating tires when i get my dx witch is in the mail

I’v never rotated my tires.

I do on my Muni when it gets bald on my hop side.

I dont really rotate my tires. I take off my cranks once a month and then put them in a different spline from the original position, which moves the tire position to another spot. my CC is almost all bald though, so now I dont care where the tire is at, and I still get incredible grip, bounce I have never noticed, but then again, I never relied on the tire to get my up things.

I don’t rotate my tire, I let the bike shops do it when I have something broken fixed. That is probably why I have a huge bald spot in one area and the rest looks pretty alright.

Wow, why the hell didn’t i think of that? I’ve been puttin off rotating my tire for about a month, and my hopping spot is completely bald. As soon as I read this post I changed my crank position…which will give me maybe another month on that tire…and at this rate i’m going through a tire a month…

I must say…thank you for stating such an easy obvious solution that will increase the duration of my tire life because I never feel like rotating it.

Same here lol. I’ll be doing that instead from now on. Though I can’t seem to get the cranks off of my qu-ax - they’re too damn tight…

if your repeatedly take off cranks the were down so you should just deflate the tire and spin the tire around. if it sticks pinch the tire in and use some soap

How do you rotate a unicycle tire?

I mean, I’ve heard of rotating a car’s tires, but I thought that they just moved the whole wheel to a different part of the axle, like the front left to the back right, and vice-versa.

Make it so that a different part of the tire hits the ground when you hop. That way, the tread wears evenly.

I haven’t done this, and I hear lunas are b***hes to get off. So im not going to bother till it gets worse.

Well, I have been doing this method every time I do maintenance to my uni which is about 1 or 2 times a month, so I have taken the cranks on and off about 7-14 times, somewhere in there, and they are still going great.

I think it’s fine to rotate splined cranks; you wouldn’t want to do that regularly with square taper cranks.

Rotating the cranks will also spread out the stress on the spokes.

wouldnt it also spread out how the force is being applied to the surface area of the splines? So wouldnt that make your hub last longer?

Sorry if this causes you not to be able to hop higher.

What I like to call the “Placebo Effect”.

sugar pills, water-filled-capsules, tire rotation, whatever works for you :wink:

You rotate the tire in relationship to the rim, or more correctly, in relationship to the pedals in order to spread the use of “sweet spot” pedal position more uniformly around the tire.

I like the idea of rotating splined cranks, however, since that distributes wear and tear over the whole hub/spoke/rim/tire system.


How does taking off the cranks and putting them back on wear them down any worse than actually riding?

umm it would have barely any effect on the splines and no effect on the hub as a whole