Hooray for new unicycles

To reward myself for getting rid of most of my excess circus gear (it is
amazing how much stuff can accumulate over 12 years) I have had a new
unicycle made.

This is the third and final draft of my mini-giraffe. The two earlier models
were useful for sorting out bugs. The first one was stolen and the second
one bent. The final product is perfect.

The specs are:
16" wheel
5" cranks
43cm between top and bottom cogs
Semcycle seat
Total height 140cm
Colour medium blue and chrome

It pulls apart in the middle to go inside a suitcase that is 95cm long.

It will be perfect for those gigs where stage size is limited or when
transporting bulky gear is a hassle. One of these days I will get a photo up

Wayne van Wijk

O–( >–|-o

OUCH! Just fell off my unicycle.

Please get a photo out to us. I’m interested to see what you got.
-David Kaplan