Hookworms on the trails ??

I read a post by someone who mentioned that the hookworms can be ridden on trails (Not technical stuff …)

Does anyone have such experience ? (I’m referring to the 26’’ size)

ANY tyre can be ridden on the trails, you’ll have less control with slicker tyres in mud.

Just go for it. If you enjoy it and find you’re skidding more than you want (skidding’s great fun anyway) then buy a knobbly tyre. My first off-road excursions were on a 20" freestyle and I was grinning like a lunatic, but I quickly bought a 24" MUni.

I run a 24" Hookworm on one of my unicycles. It spends most of its time on tarmac or pavement, but does see a bit off off road action here and there. I run it at quite a high pressure, but on dry stuff that’s not too rocky it is great. If it’s muddy, or grassy though it’s far from ideal.

I’d rather ride this tyre off road than my muni tyre on road though.


The hookworm (the 24" and 26") actually does really well offroad because of the pure surface area. Its a super versatile tire, just run it a bit softer offroad.

It depends on the terrain. The lack of knobs means it will suck in anything loose, but on something like the Slickrock Trail, a Hookworm is probably better than a real MUni tire.

Smooth tires are fine off road over any surface if it is not loose (ie okay on roots, rocks, mud, whatever). As the terrain gets looser at some point quite early on, it will underperform compared to a treaded tyre. However, add any moisture and they can quickly become unrideable, so a bit of rain can leave you a potentially long walk back.

I will chime in saying what everyone else is saying backed up with a bit of riding experience on the 26" hookworm.

I love my hookworm as a city tire, it rolls really well on packed dirt and sticks to dry rocks very well is nice and quick handling but when you hit wet grass with a bit of mud underneath you will quickly end up on your arse.

I have heard good things about the Hookworm. I looked it up but don’t see that particular tire in the 29" size. If that size isn’t available can someone suggest a good road tire for the KH29? I have the wider rim with the WTB stout. I would like a good road tire too. I’ve heard not so nice things about the Big Apple or whatever it’s called.

I have a marathon supreme on my 29" Nimbus and it is a very nice road tire. It is light and nimble. It climbs well (small mass), which you might like.


Sadly, you’re right. The Hookworm isn’t available as a 29" tyre.

There are two Big Apple tyres. The 2.0" is a great tyre, and really nice for road use. The 2.35", however, is awful on cambers, and I think I’ve been quite vocal about my dislike of it on here before.

A few of us are now using the Schwalbe Marathon Supreme (As mentioned by Scott above). This is a fantastic tyre that I can’t recommend highly enough.


I run a Continental CityContact on my 29er, it’s a 2.1 (700 x 54), and as far as I’m concerned it’s a great tyre, although I’ve never run anything else on this uni to compare it against, but then I have never found a reason to want to change it.
They can be a bit elusive to track down, but I’m pretty sure they’re still available.

I go back to work on August 20 (blah). I plan to commute using the 29er. I just ordered the Schwalbe Marathon Supreme that was recommended. Thanks for the advice. I’m looking forward to riding with and knob-less tire.

I’m seriously thinking about getting a KH36. I have half the $$ saved. I just worry about being able to mount the thing. The 29 with 150 cranks is easy, with the 125s it’s okay–a little more iffy. I’m wondering how the 36 with 150 cranks would compare?

I went off-road for the first time this last weekend. I have a 24" Nimbus with a Hookworm, and I didn’t have any trouble (at least no trouble that was due to the tire, anyway). The trail didn’t have a large amount of loose rocks or anything like that, though – mostly packed dirt/grass with tree roots, small hills, and some sand.

Mounting a 36 takes some practice, but it’s Totally Doable. It will be harder than a 29er with 125s, because the jump required is quite a bit more.