hookworm 4 muni?

how would a maxxis hookworm fare doing occaintional muni? and has any one tryed a maxxis hookworm muni?(I do street w/ that occaintionl muni)any help will be appretioated thx in advance

Justin Kohse does, check out defect if you’ve got it, or just the trailer online. he’s on the forums aswell , posibly as cruise control, but I could be wrong on that.

i used to use a hookworm tyre when i rode freestyle with the occasional muni and trails. it did fine until i decided to do muni more often. it did slip a bit on loose dirt but nothing that could really make me fall off. im starting to do a bit of street now and im gonna use the hookworm again. i rekon it will be fine.

The hookworm is a nice tire. When doing spins I noticed the funny tread pattern though. I think most tires should be cool (read: enjoyable) for light-medium MUni, and most anything will grip better if you let some air out. You’ll probably miss a large knobby the most when doing ridiculous downhill stuff, or riding on crushed gravel trails for a while.