Hookwork Tire

What makes the hookworm tire good for freestyle?

Well mostly, it has a high PSI ating so it gets pretty solid, plus it has a non-marking tire (gym-floor friendly) which is still pretty grippy. Also… it’s cheaper than others…

Ive never ridden in a gym but riding on the street I really dislike that tire, it provides no grip, and when I pumped it up to 110 psi it just made it even more slippery. When I tried to hop on it, even when the psi was low it felt like it was still hard as a rock. Although its no grippyness works good on an ultimatate wheel because it doesnt hurt as much when it rubs against your leg.


The brief time I had on it, I didn’t care for the super round profile at all.

There are not that many slick tires around 2.5" maybe this makes them a preferred tire, as most of those frames can’t fit the far cooler 3" slicks?

It is pretty slippery on very smooth polished floors, but i like that for spin type stuff, same with the high PSI, stays on a point with little surface area on the floor. But it is very slick when wet and hard to hop with. I only fill mine to about 70 PSI…


I just realized that the name of this thread is “hookwork tire” Yes, i spelled it wrong and a day later i realized it, I am a moron…thattis all

At least you didn’t put something worse like “homework tire” or “tapeworm tire”

Always look on the bright side.