hooking up the 20"

This is kinda a random post i just felt like putting this out there im putting a hookworm duel compound 20x1.95 (the black and white one) on my torker LX . i learned on it and i now ride my 26 more often but i felt obligated to spruce up my “training wheel” so i put some 89mm cranks on it i could have gone with 110’s but 89’s make things alittle more interesting.
any one else have any stories about upgrading their first uni’s?

Technically my muni is still my first uni. It’s got a new seat, new pedals, and new cranks, it’s had a completely new wheel, although I had to rebuild that with the original hub, the frame has had some brake bosses welded on and been re-painted, but it’s still the same uni. It does have the original seatpost, although it has been cut down to fit on a coker, and it probably needs replacing now anyway because it’s going rusty…


I did a Viscount air conversion on my United.

I have upgraded my 24"Nimbus freestyle uni with a Gazzaloddi tyre and a pair od DMR V8 pedals.

sounds like your uni got a complete like body make over lol but thats kool john

My 24 inch MUni started out as a 24 inch Avinier with a lollypop frame. When the cheap steel rim tacoed, it was replaced with a Sun BFR rim and Suzue hub. The original slick tire was swapped out for a 2.3 inch IRC knobby. When the cheap lollypop frame cracked, it was replaced with a 26 inch YUni frame. When the KH saddles were released, the hard, cheap stock saddle was replaced with a KH. Somewhere along the line, the pedals were replaced with Specialized platform pedals, then re-replaced with Odysseys. I replaced the original quick release with a 2 bolt BMX clamp. And the tire was replaced once again for a 24x3.0 Gazz.

The only original parts on the cycle are the cranks and seatpost.

Replaced parts:
Cheap Steel rim >> SUN BFR
Spokes >> other spokes
Stock Hub >> Suzue Hub
Cheap Plastic Pedals >> Specialized Platforms >> Odyssey Platforms
Lollypop Frame >> Yuni frame
Quick Release >> 2 bolt BMX clamp
Stock tire >> 2.3 inch IRC >> 3.0 Gazz
Stock Saddle >> KH

Original uni: 20" united with a 2.15 knobby and savage seat.

I replaced the right cranks twice. I dented the steel rim and the seat twice. I have removed the wheel and then I bought an onza. The old united frame has since replaced the onza frame. The thing is, now the onze wheel has been replaced too. The only thing left original on my uni is the frame, which is soon to be replaced with my own custom built Yuni frame. Basically, my original uni is no longer ridden and nonexistant.

My original muni wheel is still in existent. The whole thing is a yuni frame witha suzue/sun rhynolite. That is now my ultimate wheel. I replaced that wheel witha profile/dx-32. The only things original still on my muni are my seatpost, frame, and tire. I want to replace the frame, seatpost, and tire, too. how ironic.