Hood River Oregon in July

I’m going to be in Hood River for 2 weeks in July (8-22).

I know a bunch of mountain bikers from when I used to live in Portland about 15 years ago, but I don’t know any unicyclists. Any local riders want to meet up and show me some good Muni trails?

It’s actually a family trip, but I should be able to do a fair amount of riding in Post Canyon, as the trails will be so close.

I’m also up on the air as to which wheel to bring, as it’s a pain to fly with bigger wheels. The easiest would be my trial but I think that’s just not right for off-road trails. So I will probably manage to bring my 24". I would love to have something bigger, but I think flying with my 36er would be a real pain.

Any possibility that someone has a 26/29er Muni that I could rent/borrow?

I will be in Portland the week before (July 1-8) and then travelling around Oregon and B.C. until August 20th. I should also make it up to Vancouver and Whistler, but no dates yet as planning is all open (probably renting a DH bike in Whistler for a day or two).

It would be great to meet up with some local Muni riders!

If you will be in the Seattle area between Oregon and B.C. let us know. We can usually put something together.

Seattle end of July/August

Hey Kenny,

I will be some time around end of July to beginning of August. However, I don’t know exactly when and probably won’t until a few days before. Furthermore, I’m not sure how much time I will have to plan rides, as we are 4 in the family with 2 little ones. We will probably be in Seattle for like one of two days, and I can post when I know more, and maybe something would work out (we’re going to be mostly camping in the parks and forests).

29+ Muni for the Northwest?

As I didn’t really have any luck finding a Muni to rent/buy, it looks like I will be bringing my 36 Oracle frame and outfitting it with a 29+ Surly Knard. I’ll have my 137/165 and 127/150 spirits, so I think I should be able to do a variety of terrain.

Or does anyone think that’s totally the wrong wheel size for technical off-road? (I know Post Canyon and other NW trails from years previous on a mountain bike, but never on a Muni)

I also have a 19" trials and a 24" inch Muni, but as I’m flying I don’t really have room for multiple unicycles, and I think those are too small (although the 24 is good for really steep technical stuff in the Alps, I actually am now wanting a larger wheel for Downhill, not sure if I can yet handle the jump to 29+ for the steep stuff in the Alps but I don’t really also want to get a 26"). I’m also going to be in Texas for a month before and the 24 is definitely too small fo the trails there: the 36 would be the best :sunglasses: . So I’m thinking the 29+ is the best overall solution: don’t have to fly with the wheel (at least one way, the return I’ll figure out later), it’ll be perfect for the XC trails of the central Texas Hill Country and I get to experience the 29er on not quite as steep terrain.

26 Nimbus!

After having some great rides in my month in Texas, see “Muni in Texas Hill Country in June” Muni in Texas Hill Country in June

I finally lined up a mUni for the my 2 months in the Northwest: I bought a used Nimbus 26 with Magura rim brakes from a forum member!

2 weeks Portland:
Wed June 24th to Tue July 7th I will be in north Portland and hope to do a few short rides, so maybe Forest Park or Mt Tabor?

2 weeks in Hood River:
Wed July 8th-22nd I’ll be in Hood River and have the most time for riding.

4 weeks all around (Vancouver/Seattle):
After that I’ll be all around the Northwest (Washington, Oregon, BC) for about 4 weeks from end of July to August 22nd, but I still don’t have any dates and will probably only have a little time for mUni. If it works out I would love to ride with Seattle or Vancouver riders, but I still don’t know my dates.

Seattle Muni Weekend is August 7-9.

If you find yourself in Southern Oregon, PM me! We’ve got a few municyclists in the area!

We’re working on itinerary… I’m hoping to make it to Ashland, maybe Medford… that would probably be some time between late July and mid August.

I’m hoping to schedule our travels so we’ll be in the area and maybe we can camp at one of the campgrounds listed in the thread. It would be great to make it and ride with so many unicyclists!!

I had another great ride on a rocky and technical trail in the Texas Hill Country today among all the flooding: it rained 3 to 4 inches all around us but didn’t rain where we were until an hour after our ride: but it was nice and cool with a great breeze :slight_smile:

I am a muni rider from Portland. I often ride Powell Butte in SE Portland. Never ever seen another muni rider in the last several years riding at various times. You can view videos of Mountain bikers riding online at Powell Butte. I’d say medium technical runs. I’d be interested in rolling with you.

I’ll ride with you. Might even be into Hood River if we ride well together in Portlandia.

That would be sweet! I’m trying to remember… I think I vaguely remember riding Powell Butte 2 or 3 times on a mountain bike back in 1999 or so… but don’t remember it well.

Fly in to PDX next Tuesday, so earliest ride would be Wednesday and I have to coordinate with the family when I can get out for riding (in Hood River I have multiple grandparents and family members for babysitting so will be much easier).

When’s the earliest you can get out during the week? or is your schedule flexible?

I will be at tail end of vacation and free Wednesday. Thursday-Sat. maybe evening then Sun, Monday free.
Interesting you are familiar with this area already. Your memory of Powell Butte will not be the same. In the last year or two the trails got revamp and many reroute that had me scratching my head at times. I’ve gotten used to what it transformed to by now and I love it.

Good work getting a muni for the NW! 26" is definitely my preferred wheel size for Pacific NW trails. Post Canyon has lots of fun structures, but a 29" may be too big for those. In the Seattle area, there are also lots of fun structures. 26" is best around here, too. (at least for my riding style)

Seattle Muni Weekend

Glad to hear that 26" is a good size for the NW. The 29" was perfect for Texas trails but then the NW has much more elevation. As my previous experience was on 19", 24" and 36", I’m now rounding out the sizes with 29" in Texas and 26" in the Northwest. So I’m excited to try the 26: it’s going to seem smaller then the 29" I’ve been riding, but then it’s larger than my 24" I’m used to at home, so I think I should feel right at home pretty quick. And I’ve already gotten used to the Magura rim brake on the 29, so that shouldn’t be a problem either. Tomorrow is my last Texas ride on one of the most technical trails around. It is a rocky and technical limestone trail with a bunch of rock ledges and medium-big drops (City Park in Austin which is actually a motorcycle trail, where mountain biking is also allowed). Although there are no long climbs, my trail climbing has improved during my time here (in the Alps there are few uphill trails as the trails are hiking trails that are too steep to ride up, plus there are forest roads for uphill – more efficient for getting up, but less fun than trails). Totally excited about Post Canyon!

As you saw in the other thread, it looks like I will make one or two days of the Seattle Muni Weekend in August!! So I’ll probably see you! Tentative dates for us to be in Seattle will be August 4-6th, but I probably won’t be able to unicycle much, if any (no babysitter at that time and I will be lucky to get one to two days “free” for the Muni Weekend!).

If you end up in the Medford/Ashland area, message me, if you want. I have only been riding a little over a month and neither of my Unis are suitable for mountain riding (nor myself), but the Bear Creek Greenway is a nice ride to give your legs a good workout. Of course, if I were an experienced mountain rider, I might not want to burden myself with a noob on a paved bike path either, but if you get the urge, the offer is open.

As a warning, I fell on the “hills” on that bike path a few times, averaged 6.3MPH on my last ride, and was pretty much wiped out after 10 miles, but with my current rate of progress, I should be much better by late July.

The Portland area is pretty much guaranteed to be a more inviting place, though, if you’re “Weird” enough :slight_smile:

Was looking forward to a ride yesterday but it seems you got side tracked. Hope you get hold of me for a ride while here in Portland.

So I got in a great (but short) ride with Monette at Mt Tabor on Tuesday. Great to meet you and ride! There aren’t so many trails but we had fun on the steep ups and downs. Too bad I couldn’t make it to Powell Butte.

After a mountain bike ride at Post Canyon today, I did about 6 miles of muni. It was dry and Post Canyon was great! There are just so many trails and I didn’t get a chance to ride any of the advanced black diamond trails but the XC trails were great and I did bit of climbing and did great downhill. The steep switchbacks were very cool :slight_smile: I’m considering trying to do the new Mobias climbing trail some time…

Unfortunately I’ve had a little bit of pain and minor swelling in my knee for the last week (started after a big hike carrying lots of weight followed by a lot of muni climbing). Today’s ride seems to have not made it worse though. Probably doing a mountain bike race on Saturday and then muni around Hood River again next week.

On our current very rough agenda we should be traveling through that area around July 30th on our way from Crater Lake to the Southern Oregon Coast. Not sure if we will be able to stop though…

Thanks for the offer and if we end up there I will let you know.

Post Canyon

I did my second real muni ride in Post Canyon today! A few photos here:

Last week I did a great loop called 15 Mile which is 2800ft of descending followed by 2800ft ascending all on twisty singletrack! I rode all the down (with a few retries) and most of the uphill. Actually at the end I was wiped out and had to walk a fair bit.

A few days ago I spent some time on the skinnies and pump track at Family Man. Sadly most of my rides were solo so I have very few photos. I do have a few videos of me riding skinnies and I’ll see if I can post them.

Anyone headed out to the Gorge in the next week? I’ll be here through next Wednesday, July 22nd.