Hood River Muni?

Anyone been to the Post Canyon area in Hood River, Oregon to do any riding? I’m planning on going this weekend and just want to know of specific areas that might be particularly fun in the area.

I went for a ride at Post Canyon last year. I’ve only been there once. I plan to go again. It’s a fun place to ride.

You’ll need to pick up a GFRA freeride trail map of the area. The GFRA web page lists the local bike shops that carry the map.

There is a scan of the Post Canyon map available here: Post Canyon map. But it’s a fuzzy black and white scan. It doesn’t show which are the easy and which are the advanced trails. It’s fuzzy so it’s hard to see where the roads are. You’ll need to buy the actual map if you want to avoid getting lost.

The problem with the trail system there is figuring out where you’re at and not getting lost. You’ll get off a trail at a dirt road and there will be no sign telling you what trail it is, where you’re at, or what road it is. I was in a constant state of lost up there. I didn’t explore as much as I could have because I didn’t always know where I was and I didn’t want to head off into the unknown.

They suggest that you first ride the two main dirt roads and where they go and what they look like. Once you know the roads it would be easier to keep your bearings and figure out where you’re at. But if you’re only going to be there for one day you don’t have time for that. So you ride the trails avoiding the road and deal with the disoriented almost lost kind of feeling.

The trails there range from XC to crazy freeride. There are lots of obstacles scattered around even along the XC trails. There are narrow log bridges going across the creek along the lower section of the trail. Lots of fun to be had even on the XC trails.

I spent most of my time along the XC trails and the beginner freeride area. I didn’t even venture out to the upper parts of the trail system where the serious freeride stuff is.

At the bottom where you park the car the trail starts off on the right. Take the trail. Don’t take the road.

The loop I took was to start at the lower Post Canyon trail, go to 12 Bridges. Then to South Shore to Seven Streams. Then there is a loop that goes to Family Man, Toilet Bowl and some others in between. I rode that loop a couple of times and explored some of the short spurs along the way. Family Man is the beginner freeride area. Small stunts low to the ground. Around in the Toilet Bowl there are log rides and such, but nothing really built up.

Next time I want to explore the Mitchell Ridge trail, but I was feeling lost when I went looking for it so decided against exploring out into what could be the unknown. Next time I might be able to keep my bearings better.

If you’re looking for the serious freeride stuff then continue on up the mountain to 8-Track or one of the trails even further up.