Honored guest appears at club meeting

Thanks DigitalDave for making the trip out to see us at our club meeting last night. Sorry there’s so many cornfields between here and Evanston. :smiley:

It’s always great to meet other unicyclists. Hope you had a great time. Sorry I had to leave early that night but I understand Ben and Brad continued to make you feel at home. We’ll have to return the favor someday and come see you in the City. Maybe this summer when the kids are out of school, we can set up a field trip in toward the lake, maybe a trip to Navy Pier or something. It’s always fun to ride there. If we can do it, perhaps we’ll announce it here and see if we can drum up some other interest.

Our honored guest list keeps growing. Now you’re a member of an elite group: :slight_smile:

Dustin Kelm
Tom Daniels
Bruce Crevier and family
the Twin Cities Unicycle Club gang
et. al.

What a list. We’ll have to talk Jeeps sometime…but not here as they have too many wheels.



If I get out your way, will I be put on the honored guest list? :stuck_out_tongue:

How are things going with your club? I know your schedule got pretty busy for a while, how did the club hold up during the past year or so? As we are getting our club started, I am starting to think about longevity and how to keep the club strong and healthy in the long run. Any wisdom gained from your experiences would be appreciated.

So what’s the secret to drawing honored guests to the club?


Thanks for the personal invitation!
That’s all it took for me to show.

I had alots of fun :smiley:
Your kids and the other kids are wonderfull.
It’s really neat to see all of them on the uni’s at the same time :slight_smile:

After you left, I climbed on one of the giraffs.
I couldn’t do the running freemount your son could :smiley: I used the chinup bar, and you wife and son placed the seat under me … hehe. I only rode a giraff once, and that was at least 20 years ago. It’s very cool to be up that high.

I also tried the UW. Now, that is a challenge! I tried 2 types of mounts. I was more comfortable doing a standing mount, rather than bent over holding the wheel with petals at 8 and 2. I only was able to do a half rotation, after about a half an hour of practice… :frowning: For me, doing a still stand while on one leg, then placing the other foot for the rotation worked best…
I’m sure that toy would get looks going around the block :smiley:

BTW, my legs were ‘rubbery’ after all my work… winter and age really take a toll quickly on me now. Oh, and it was funny running into you also :slight_smile: You have much more kinetic energy to stop than I have … hehe (If ya know what I mean)

I would cherish a chance to meet downtown with all the uni’s !
Just give me a PM when your ‘bunch’ is going.

Hey Bill,

Absolutely, we’ll put your name up in lights as our honored guest. Actually, we’re so far out in the cornfields that anyone who comes to see us deserves to be honored just for their willingness to traverse the barren wastelands of corn and soybean. You’re welcome anytime. We even have a place for you to stay if you need. It’s our lovely Jayco guest room (travel trailer :)), very quaint yet fully functional.

The secret of drawing honored guests? I guess just pass along an invitation. We’ve noticed that unicyclist are so few and far between that they seem to naturally gravitate to each other when together in the general vicinity, if they know of each other. I suppose another way is to keep up what we’re doing here in communicating your presense to the masses. Back when we first started out (Christmas 2000), we got to know John and Amy. Not too long after that, I asked Amy for suggestions to increase the vision of unicycling among our community. She suggested that we contact Dustin Kelm to come to Rochelle for a performance. Working through our city’s Community Action Network, the group who sponsors such events, we booked Dustin to perform in April, 2001. Dustin performed in our Jr. High and then the next night at our church. He was so fantastic that many heads were turned. I think that was the pivotal point that opened up unicycling to the community and perked the interest of future riders. We started our club that summer.

Bill, you and yours and anyone else for that matter are more than welcome anytime. Next time we travel, I think I’ll make it known here and see if we can generate a hookup with other one-wheelers while on our trip.

Gotta run. We’re out the door to Brad’s championship soccer game this afternoon against Sycamore. Two undefeated teams and someone will emerge in first place today. Should be a good game.



Again, thanks so much for making the trip. It was our pleasure to meet you. Glad you had a great time. Sorry I had to scoot out early but duty calls at times.

We have collected some fun things to try over the year. Did you get to try the Super Trick Cycle? It’s a blast to ride. The first time I mounted a giraffe, I hung from the chin up bar and Mary and the boys tried to stuff the uni under me. It was pretty comical. Several of our kids have learned to ride the giraffes. They are very excited when they take off for the first time on their own. Ben told me that he hit a running mount on the 6 footer for you. It’s pretty impressive to watch.

Yeah, we did have a collision, didn’t we. For the rest here at RSU, we were playing sharks and minnows when Dave showed up. It’s always a lot of fun and one of the kids favorite games, but it can get crazy once in awhile. I do have a bit of momentum to get stopped when I’m on my uni. :slight_smile: I’m working on that to, though, reduce the potential. So give me a few months and I won’t be so dangerous. Mary had a good laugh over it.

I’ll let you know what we come up with for trips downtown. Sure would be fun. You’re welcome anytime. Next time, we’ll try to make it a little more worth you travel. Mary suggested that next time, we all go out to Dairy Queen after the club meeting. That would be fun. Just a reminder, we’re meeting at Crossroads Community Church on Feb. 11 & 18 and Mar. 11 & 18., time: 5:00-7:00 p.m. All other Friday nights, we’re at the middle school from 6:00-8:00 p.m.

Off to soccer.

Hi Bruce!

I just note to Ben, that his running freemount of the UW was nothing short of awsome too! (He must have said he ‘nailed’ that one too !)

For those curious of what I mean …

Ben (Bruces’ son) gave thier homemade UW a hefty push on the gym floor, so that it was rolling by itself for around 10 - 12 feet or so… when he made his dash to the UW while rolling… and timed his jump to meet the petals while in motion… and then rode it for another 20~25 feet.

I felt so inadequate :smiley:


Thanks for the invite Bruce. I may stop in next time I’m headed your way.

So how many are in attendance at your Friday nights?

Ad… how did the championship game go?


I did try the STC also… but, I ran out of time to try anything goofy on it. It, was fun… but I’d rather be on my uni … or learning the UW you had there :smiley:


I didn’t really take a count, but there looked to be at least 15 young riders and Bruce and I, and around 4 to 8 non-riding adults at different times.

That’s a pretty accurate count. Nowadays, we vary from 8-18 riders depending on a variety of factors, i.e., the current season, the current sports season, etc. Mostly, we have elementary and jr. high kids with a few riding and non-riding adults hanging around. Its a good group and a good cross-section of people.

As for the game, I wish I had better news. All I can say is that Sycamore deserved to win by the game they brought to the field today. Our team has played much better in the past. Today they looked somewhat asleep on the field. Final score: 9-4 and we brought home the second place plaque. Brad scored 50% of our goals though.

There is a good side to it. At least five of Sycamore’s top players are also on Brad’s outdoor Spring club team. For the Winter indoor season, the kids break up into teams from their local communities but when Spring arrives, the kids all join together for the Spectre Soccer Club boys U-12 team. Same with Ben’s U-16 team.

This morning, we traveled the 20 minutes to DeKalb for a U-16 Sunday morning scrimmage at 7:00 a.m. Then we hustled back to Rochelle for church then back to DeKalb for Brad’s game. Today was the final day of the first 10-week indoor session. Next weekend starts the second 10-week indoor session. We’ll also fit in a couple tournaments in the coming weeks…all before Spring outdoor starts at the end of March.

Life of a parent, I suppose.



I forgot to ask, have you ridden a Coker yet? If not, we have three of them so we’ll definitely have to get you up on one next time.


Hi dave,

Thanks for comming to our meeting. Nice to meet you. please come again.

Hiya Brad! :smiley:
<---- nice avatar you have there :slight_smile:
I’ll be back to see everyone again soon.


Nope. Never ridden a Coker. I won’t pass up your offer !
We need some bigger space thou… cuz, I’d like to spend enough time on one to see if it’s something I could ride in the city.
(I got rid of my motorcycle because of traffic woes)

Another Honored Guest Makes an Appearance

…and now Steve (Sigurd)

We had the distinct honor of meeting and welcoming Steve to our club meeting tonight. Steve stopped by on his way back to college to ride with us for the night. Thanks, Steve. It was so nice to finally meet you. We had a great time. Glad to add you to our honored guest list.

Gotta say though that, although Steve is a trials rider, he may have a future in distance Cokering. Having never been on a Coker before, how long did it take you to get up and going? Couldn’t have been more than five or so minutes. Not many folks learn to mount and control The Big One as quickly on their first experience.

Steve also put himself up on the 6’ giraffe and even tried his hand at the Super Trick Cycle. Later on in the evening, we played a little unicycle Sharks & Minnows then moved into a viscious game of unicycle dodgeball. I hadn’t realized that I may not be as fast as I used to be. I’ll have to contemplate that one a little more…

My only regret is that Ben and Brad were at a hockey game tonight and didn’t have the honor of meeting you, too. We’ll have to make a reappointment for this summer sometime.

Keep in touch. We’ll hopefully see you again soon. (Hey DDave, we’ll have to coordinate a joint get-together sometime.)


Re: Another Honored Guest Makes an Appearance


I had a lot of fun last night. It great getting to meet you and Mary and see the kids ride. Some of those little guys (or not so little) really know how to ride! Sure wish I could have seen Ben and Brad ride. Maybe this summer.

I am diggin the Coker. Totally. That was supposed to be my next uni, but then I ran into my Summit. So nice to finally be able to try one out. And Bruce is right, I was able to freemount it after about five minutes. :smiley: I can do the rollback, running, and static (holding the tire). starts saving for a Coker

Thanks again. I look forward to riding with you again.