Honolulu Century On One Wheel

Honolulu Century

This past Sunday, I rode in the Honolulu Century Bike Ride; of course I did the ride on my uni. My original intention was ride 25 miles of the 100 mile course. Bikers have a choice of riding 20, 25, 50, 75, or 100 miles. As I rode into the 25 mile turn around, I realized that I had completed it much faster then I anticipated and I still felt pretty fresh. After a brief break, decided to press on. 20 miles into the ride, I decided that I had gone far enough, and it was time to turn around.

In the end, I rode between 40 and 43 miles (the race people said it was around 40, my cycle-computer said 43. The ride took me about 6 hours on my 24 inch Stealth Torker with 127’s. I had a great time on the ride and the other riders seem to enjoy watching me ride. I had a lot of comments, some of which were original, but most were of the “you’re missing a wheel variety.”

I had a great time on the ride. My favorite parts had to be the hills. On the steepest part of the ride, nicknamed Hear Break Hill, I passed a couple dozen bikes and was passed by only one. Down hills were another story.

I have been doing the century ride for a few years now. Previously I have done the 50 once and the 100 three times. This was by far my favorite year. Next year I plan to do the ride on one wheel again, but on a 29er or shifter. Also, the Miyata seat was fine for the first half, but next year I’m riding a KH or air seat.


Great job Daniel!

Twenty miles on a Miyata saddle sounds like a real pain in the butt, fourty sounds like you might have to see a proc doc. :astonished: Air saddles are wonderful but I haven’t found the difference between my air saddle and my KH Velo to be too different.


Wow, great work Daniel! I couldn’t beleive it when I read that you did it on a 24" uni. You don’t have any photos or anything do you?


I just uploaded the pics to my gallery:
The dude in the yellow shirt with the red recumbent is my father. He rode the full 100 miles.

The pic of the paper on the bike is referring to the bus driver strike here on Oahu. They have just returned to work after a 33 day strike.

I also had my picture published in the paper under the heading “Out There” Here is the link:

(The caption on the pic says"…during the Honolulu Country Cycle Ride". That is a typo, it should be Honolulu Century Ride.


That’s great! Very good distance on a 24’er. From the photos you seem to have the seat quite low for a distance ride. Is that for some purpose?

Klaas Bil

Hmmm. I didn’t even think about that. Actually, now that I think about it, I did lower the seat a couple weeks ago when I had my air seat on. Last week my seat went flat so I switched back to the normal. I forgot to raise the seat up again. I’ll have to give that a shot.

The main problem I had during the ride was saddle discomfort (read: massive pain). Would riding with a higher saddle help with that? The only other problem was the weight from my camelbak on my shoulders. I had just gotten the thing the day before and I’m not used to riding with one. Guess I just have to practice with one.


i take it from the ‘tone’ that the mini-poster was critical of the strike?
i would’ve thought point three to be important enough to warrant an increase?


(i dont have a clue about the backround to this strike, i’m just being facetious)

I always have the seat high for the road and low for MUni, so I don’t know (MUni doesn’t cause saddle pain). My guess is that it wouldn’t matter much. I think the main advantage from the higher seat would be smaller vertical momentum changes from your pumping thighs and hence higher possible cadence. Also, steep grades are easier.

Wait, now that I think of it, because of the vertical momentum changes you might bounce in the saddle more, which in itself would aggravate saddle pain. This would only be at highish cadences, though. What was your cruising speed?

Klaas Bil

My average speed on the way out was 8.8 MPH. My overall average speed was 8.3.

Re: Honolulu Century On One Wheel

On Thu, 2 Oct 2003 04:47:51 -0500, daino149
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>My average speed on the way out was 8.8 MPH.
Assuming your wheel rollout is the same as my Sem 24x1.75" (which is
187 cm unloaded), and the quoted speed is a so-called tyre speed (i.e.
based on wheel rollout, not on road distance), 8.8 mph translates to a
cadence of about 126 revolutions per minute. With some practice (and
riding 40 miles is ‘some’ practice in itself) it is not very hard to
pedal smoothly with that cadence. So, bottom line, I don’t think that
raising the seat would do much for lessening your saddle pain.

But I may easily be wrong. I would still raise the seat for such rides
if I were you.

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