Honda motorized compact unicycle???

WTF? :D:p:D :roll_eyes:

Looks good for scooting around a cubicle

looks groovy, been in the news in Australia too

Honda U3-X unicycle launched as ‘indoor Segway’,27574,26119174-23109,00.html

I’m going to hold out for the offroad version. :slight_smile:

can asimo ride it?

If asimo is the robot that I’m thinking of, then asimo can only use it’s own leg.

Probably not, if they didn’t show it, but I really wanted to see that too.

Thats not a cycle. More like somekind of hovercraft haha


I’d rather have one of these, it’d be perfect for getting around the office :stuck_out_tongue:

Why go around the cubicles when you can go through them!?

The cool thing about the Honda is that it’s got some weird system of smaller wheels attached to the bigger wheel, so it can go sideways as well as forward… if it weren’t for that, I’d just say it was another eunicycle :stuck_out_tongue:

When she first sat on it and zoomed offscreen, was anyone else half expecting a theatrical “CRASH!” noise and stuff bouncing back on screen? :slight_smile:

For use in American offices, a super-duper extra heavy duty version would be needed. More like the Burning Man model.

Think simply… it could well be a sphere instead of a wheel.

Simple, yes, but the videos make it clear it’s not a sphere… unless you mean the smaller wheels are spheres… I want to try one anyways :wink:

hmm nope. Go to 45 sec

plus another informative video of the launch:

Don’t know there’s a lot of practical use for it as it is just yet, but what a great piece of design.

Amazing! Would be fun to try it.

I found another shot of it (lo-res).