Hometown (Pöham & friends)

Dominik from france and Marcel from Hungary spent 1 week here in Oberhofen to ride and film a little bit with us.
Here the video :wink:


Awesome video, I love it.
But do you guys go to E.U.C.?

wow, what can i say, feel soo bad when i watch your riding!
the seventh side flip and the 9spin to 9spin blew my mind, really nice filmed and edited
and it’s good to see dominik riding more stylish combos :wink:

So beautiful! Awesome smooth riding too

Amazing! The deck on the mountains looked so awesome, great location! The riding and editing were awesome too, you guys are all so good!

You have some great scenery to shoot with… some awesome riding.900-900 was amazing. I love the wide-angle you used in front of the kindergarten. Its really cool to watch you expand that camera and grow with it Raph. You have gotton great with filming in the last couple years.

Ralphael you have produced yet again another piece of art that i will watch over and over <3

the riding was great and i really loved how you choose to change locations for the shots. I really like the filming on the deck in the mountains!

great video dood!! :smiley:

Words can’t even begin to express how beautiful this video is. Not only do your video capture the beautiful scenery and nature in which you live in, but the riding is even more beautiful. The steady panning, the close ups, the blur to focused, every shot in this video made me smile :slight_smile: Raphael, I can only hope to have the opportunity to ride with you one day! BRAVO.

And Lorenz, there is no doubt in my mind you will be the worlds best flatland rider soon. Heck, you practically already are! :open_mouth:

Yeahhhh, Lorenz is getting good too fast… Seventhside, at his age… Craaaaazy. Raphi, 9-9 made me yell out loud. “OOOOOOOHH!!!”

Also, you’re like my idol as far as editing goes.

Thanks alot :slight_smile:

Casper: No sorry, not this time.

Bobousse: We made Dominik to do his tricks as long till he lands it clean ;D haha

Colby: yoo sista :smiley: UNICON!! :stuck_out_tongue:

really nice, 2:22 was my favourite :slight_smile: soo smooth. whole video was really enjoyable. 900-900 was also siiick

900-900 was so sick…

<3 love your filming, edditing and riding :smiley: especially lorenz’s combos and raphael’s 900 - 900. one of my favorite parts was the intro definately. i love the senery

Loved every second. Looks like Lorenz hit a huge growth spurt too!:stuck_out_tongue: