Homemade valvecap thread

Here you can post your homemade valvecaps! :slight_smile:

I’ll post mine soon.

old lego man and mcdonalds toy:D small one for trials and big one for coker

Here’s mine:)

EDIT: I love lego :smiley:

That’s one angry lego man!
I was thinking of using a lego Vader until I found out they are worth a bob or two.

my newest:


wow great idea,im going to wallyworld to buy legos

[QUOTE=Into the blue;1202570]
That’s one angry lego man!


I’d be angry too if someone sawed my legs off and pushed a valve cap into my torso. (I take it that’s how you did it?!)


[QUOTE=Into the blue;1202570]
That’s one angry lego man!

No, they detach easily.

Now I might just make me a custom cap or two…

My two valvecaps.

They’re both Lego helmets. I discovered that full-face lego helmets fit perfectly onto a valvecap. You could probably put one on without glue because of the tight fit, but I glued them just to be safe.

Thats pretty cool, Im going to make one or two because i have probably 150 lego helmets :smiley:

Btw I made two more valvecaps, I will post them when I find my camera:)

Mail me some here in NY, My son loves them!

Ok, as legohelmets or as valvecaps? :slight_smile:

i just made three
a homer Simpson and a squirtle and a venonat
i try to get pictures soon

Here’s my custom cap. It looks uncannily like me. It was from a freehand yo-yo.


those r so sweet but, how do u make them?

Ha… I dont know… you just shove a valvecap in some figurines and stuff… I made a Die one… Twas rad.

You drill a hole in a figure(as big as a valvecap), glue the hole and put the old valvecap inside :smiley:


My dad, brother and I all had custom DEVO head-caps for RTL. Mine recently broke so I have to re-glue it. I’ll see if I have a picture somewhere.