homemade Unicycle

there are some older post but not what i am really looking for,i am wanting to make my own unicycle (many type) and cheap as i can.i have old b*kes so i am wanting to use them to make it.
if anyone has pics or something to help me thanks

The easiest unicycles to make out of bike parts are giraffes (either tall or penguin). There have been a few threads showing what people have made - try searching for “home made giraffe” or something. Normal direct-drive unicycles are much more difficult because of the hub.


My Troxelator is about as simple as you can make a homemade uni, though it wasn’t made at home.

Get an arc welder and some cheap mild steel.

Like posted above, the axle for the hub is the most hardest part to make. Along with making a solid axle, you have to have a way to mount the cranks.
And buying a welder is only a small part. Then you have to spend the time and money to learn how to weld correctly so the weld hold together. If you are going to buy a welder, you may as well buy a new (or used) unicycle.
If you have the ability and tools to “build your own” by all means have at it. I enjoy the thought process of designing and then building my own.