HOMEMADE UNI FRAME, Random riding clips & Quickie coker tips!

Random riding clips, my first homemade Uni Frame, and some of my own “spooner” type brake extenders! It’s “food” for thought, lol! :smiley:

Also a quickie Coker mounting tip! :slight_smile:

Sweet. I have a frame just like that in my living room.

That was a gnarly fall, but still cool looking haha.

Some of this should sound familiar to you. Cool vid.

Great Video Terry, The mound you fell off looks impossible. The tip on mounting was very good, nice cinder block example, another terrific instructional video.

lol that was great i thought the No Idling part was rather funny

The picture of the video looks like the brake is your mustache!!!

Good vid.


Wow Terry great way to teach the static mount, I’ve never thought of that! it’s a great visual no matter how big or small the wheel is, I may have to use that when teaching people to ride now. Great idea! oh and awesome homemade spooner too.

“No idling” was funny. If only I had seen this video way back when I was learning to mount, I’m sure it would be really helpful! Freeway trials looked dangerous…

Thanks so much for all the comments everybody! Really keeps me motivated to keep making more, even though it’s a real challenge trying to do something different each time lol! :slight_smile: :smiley: :o

I think there’d be a market for custom spooners - an Oreo spooner would be too cool :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, that roma tomato was amazingly ergonomic and something in that shape; maybe slightly smaller would be awesome! Better than something flat I think since you can really grip it securely and it just fits the hand so perfectly! I might try molding one out of epoxy and testing it, then post the results! =)
Edit: Just thought of an idea. Maybe I could used a tennis ball as a mold, and fill it with the epoxy, and clamp it slightly to gove it a more oblong shape! Or…find one of those plastic eggs like they have during Easter, and use that as a mold! Yesh! Time for an “egg brake”, lol!