Homemade tricks anyone?

Has anyone out there invented any really cool, but unheard of Unicycling tricks?
if so, send in a pic and a “how to” about it

As far as I know, I invented the above wheel walking variation.
I call this skill “one-footed forward lace walk.” It’s frequently done backward, but I haven’t heard of anyone else doing it forward. Before learning this skill you should be comfortable with forward spoke walk and one-footed backward lace walk, and a little work with coasting wouldn’t hurt.
You should learn this skill with a wall or ceiling, or whatever other method you use for learning wheel walking variations. Lean forward and position your foot as low on the wheel as possible, with as much of the top of your foot touching the wheel as possible, so that you can get enough grip to move the wheel. You have to pull very hard at first and take very big steps, removing your foot from the wheel and repositioning it between each step. While repositioning your foot you have to coast briefly. If you have a square frame you should be careful to avoid scraping your shin on its corner. When you get better at it, it will be a lot smoother.
You can transition to this skill directly from riding or idling, but I think the easiest method is to take one wheel walk step forward with your non-driving foot and hold the wheel in place while you position your driving foot. To get out of it, switch to regular wheel walking, or transfer to the pedals.

I don’t know if I invented this trick but i haven’t seen it been done before.

I call it a “crankwalk”, You start hop idleing on the cranks then you take your foot off the crank that is facing backwards and push down on the crank thats facing forwards with your toe. This will make you roll forwards half a revolution and your foot will kind of roll on the round part of the crank near the axle. When the wheel has gone half a revulotion forward take you foot that is on off and place your other foot on the crank that is now facing facing forwards and push down with your toe. Continue the pattern and you should get faster and not have to push down to go forward. To get out of it just put both your feet on the pedals quickly.

Sorry about my bad discription :stuck_out_tongue: Can anyone tell me if this has been done?

oi, that trick is in Tony Melton’s vid, he does that trick in it!!
i think its a freestyle trick, that isnt very well known

i do a kinda mount where i place my foot on a crank then raise my body and put the seat under it i call it the luni mount

luni uni man

sounds like the normal freemount

as far as ii know i was the first to Bc plate tap. You hop up and tap the bottom of your plate with your hand.

certain backflip dismounts…

I invented riding backwards but then i forgot to tell other people about it and somone else claimed they invented it;)