Homemade shin guard?

I was thinking I need some sinh guards when I see my shins have been covered in bruises. should some soccer shin pads do the trick? or is there a cheaper way instead of dishing out however much for percussion armour.

I remember years ago…(before my time)… the kids playing hockey would taped newspapers to their shins.:smiley:

you can get cheep under sock pads for $5-$10 that is pretty cheep.

There was some talk about home made pads here a few years ago and if I remember right the best pads on there were made with the plastic from icecream pails glued to thin blue sleeping pad foam.

It would only be cheeper if you had a sleeping pad you wanted to shorten anyway.

I recycled - I use the shin pads I have from martial arts.

If you don’t have them, you can pick them up for $10 - $15.


When learning something new, especially when using metal pedals, I have soccer shin pads down the front AND the back of my legs to protect against shin and calf bites.


Flo Bertant a french guy who was in Cape Town for a year studying, used some Cricket pads for a while. Although not sure if you guys in the States know much about cricket :wink:

I’m using some flexible cutting boards cut into wedge shapes, wrapped in duct tape and slipped into a custom sewn ripstop nylon sleeve with velcro closure. it’s like a veggie wrap from 661 but with armor plates in it. I still have to sew up the sleeve but when they’re all done and I’ve taken them out on a few rides I’ll probably make a thread and post all the pictures(been documenting every step so far) with a write up. total cost for 2 sets is about a dollar less than one set of KH armor and they are custom fit for me with 360 degree protection. I’d say it’s worth the cost.

^^ Those sound a lot like the Lizard Skins pads.

Yeah, bad idea to ride with unprotected hyperbolics.

close but not quite.

Never mind riding without or newspapers on your legs - a good pair of shinguards leads everyone to believe that you’re good enough to hurt yourself and smart enough to do something about it!

<sarcasm>I didn’t want to fork out for a helmet so I was just wearing this old bucket on my head with a tuque under it.</sarcasm>


finished my leg armor finally. Going to do a write up with pictures. Dimensions of finished armor fit legs 26cm round just above the ankle 48cm round at the top just below the knee and 33cm tall shin.