Homemade Self Extractor Ring Tightener – A Forking Good Tool

I lost a self extractor ring for my 05 KH/Onza hub because it became loose after I removed and reinstalled my crank. I replaced it in my last order from MDC but I had no way of getting it tight. So instead of going out and buying the specialty tool for the job, I thought one could be made and I was the tool for the job.

I found an old fork in a draw in the kitchen; I used pliers and bent the outer two prongs inwards until they fitted perfectly through the two holes in the extractor ring. I then bent the last ~5mm of the two outer prongs perpendicular to the rest of the fork. And presto I had A Forking Good Tool.


P.S. There is now an odd knife in my mum’s favourite cutlery set, anyone need it? :roll_eyes:


well fork me!