Homemade KH Rollo Discs!

Hi everybody , this last week i was thinking about a way to build or adapt something and turn in a homemade rollo disc for flatland! , i have some good ideas , but i really need a help!
Who have the KH rollo discs , please post here photos , of it! at various angles with is possible , i have to know the size of the axle bolts and how they are!
so resuming what i need
Photos from the rollo disc installed and non-installed
{Photos from the axle bolts and his especifications

and if anyone had this same idea , share here somo tips haha!

[SIZE=“6”] Thanks so much to any help ![/SIZE]

I just got mine today! Really helped me land my first backroll! :smiley:








The standard size for ISIS axle bolts is M12 (12mm)
The only hub that runs different is the impact hub, M13 (13mm), but you shouldn’t have to worry about that. :slight_smile:
terry, you got backroll? schweet!

Yeah I posted it in the flatland learning game thread. Only a 90 degree rollback, but it’s a start! :smiley:

niiiiiice man , let me correct if i am wrong , you remove the black the black part of the crank , an put the rollo disc inside the crank , and them you put te axle bolt? , ok i am working in a good homemade one if i am correct!

The rollo simply fits on top of the crank, with the small round part fitting inside the crank hole. The rollos come with the longer crank bolts which are needed to go all the way into the threads to hold on the rollos.

if i fail on my project haha i will get a pair on the crhistmas! thanks a lot for the photos terry , and take a look at the flatland learning game thread , to you understand how to participate to the game

i think my ones are the old version, but here’re some pics

saludos vecino! :smiley:

salute hermano haha , gracias por las fotos ,Ahora voy a empezar a dar forma a mis piezas de metal y obtener alguna forma de crear esta boquilla para adaptarse a la crank
miss typing in Portuguese I type in Spanish cause is more similar hahaha

the last thing i need to know is wat size is the bolt who comes together with the rollo discs?
with the normal is 12mm the extra long axle bolt for fit the rollo discs is…?

Thread size is the same just longer.

(I translated your last post: salute brother haha, thanks for the photos, I’m going to start shaping my metal parts and get some way to create this nozzle to fit the crank)

they’re 25mm…

yeah, they’re 25mm long, 12mm wide. or an M12 thread :slight_smile: