Homemade Impossible wheel

Here is my attempt at a impossible wheel i took the front wheel and pegs off my bmx if the picture doesnt work click

thats a bit of a beast gary. im gettin some 1 footed wheel walkin skills on the go, but i aint all dat good. my best is bout 7 or 8 summit like dat

Ya after seeing that I did the same thing to a friends little sisters trike the weel bent up soo bad . i dont think it was a good idea b/c the weel is 12 inches

sorry to break your bubble buts that a b.c. whell not a impossible

BC Wheel == Impossible Wheel
they’re the same thing…but anyway.

that’s a pretty good one. though I suggest you try to make or buy platforms instead of pegs.

what are you talking about?

a imposible wheel is a uni without a fork and seat with cranks
a b.c. is this which has two pegs and you dont pedal



Ultimate Wheel = Just a wheel, with pedals (no frame/saddle)
Impossible/BC Wheel = Wheel with pegs/drop plates.



James is right.

An ULTIMATE Wheel is basically a unicycle without a frame and saddle. An IMPOSSIBLE Wheel, has either plates or pegs, and freewheels.

I made a diagram for the illiterates…

I agree with catboy!

Hazah ive made both of those haha theyve both broken but…

it i take the fram off my savage will it work as an UW???

It will but it will be harder to ride than a built UQ because of the distance of the pedals from the wheel

Basically, yes! :slight_smile:

Garry222: Have you tried to ride it? It looks good!

hey i made the same thing out of an old bmx wheel but its really hard to stay on the pegs cuz they roll so u mite wanna buy some platforms if u really wanna start doin it a lot.

Yes. I have tryed 2 ride it but im not very good the furthest ive gone is about 5 meters. i reckon its harder than normal because it has pegs instead of plates. Also ive put it back on my bike because i need my bike for my paper round.

quit good gary but i think u need to grow a dick

lol, so all you did was take the front wheel off your BMX, I might try that.