Homemade Handrail

Does anyone have their own homemade handrail? I don’t have any “good” handrails in town…

Really wanna grind hand rails but there is none. My friend does have this hand rail except it is not ready to use, it is lying on the ground…

i saw somewhere in the video forum i think a video of someone with their own handrail
to make one you could use scaffolding poles between 2 stacks of pallets or something

I´ve done one! I don´t know exactly how long it will last, but the construction is pretty smart… maby i can take photos later and show you how i did…

I have my own handrail in my garden:)
here is a link of a video


There is sorta a handrail in my bsckyard. I would post a link to my latest video with the handrail but I am on my iPod. It is in the video section uner Tyler nail trials + handrail I think.

We used to make “shotgun” rails for skateboarding. They ended up tough and really long lasting. The 6x6 is really heavy so it wont move around a lot when your on it and its plenty strong to span a gap. Should do nicely for uni too.
Get a 6x6 and two pieces of 2" steel pipe (aka “Black pipe” in home centers). I find 10’ is a good length.
Cut the 6x6 4 times 1 1/2" along the top and sides so that you have a notch running down the entire length on both sides.
Drill a small hole (1/8th" or so) all the way through the pipe every 2 or 3 feet. Go back and re-drill the holes (just on ONE side) with a larger bit (around 3/8ths).
Lay the pipe in the notch and secure with 2 1/2" screws. The large holes will allow the screw driver and head of the screw to secure the pipe from the inside.
You could do this with one piece of pipe but if you can, use two for more options.

untitled.bmp (750 KB)

Damn. Sorry about the huge pic. I’ll work on that for the future:o.
At any rate this is the idea. Not to scale.

The whole draw to doing a real handrail is the fact that there is no such thing as a perfect handrail. They are all too steep, too round, sketchy landing, sketchy run up.

Making your own handrail is like microwaving a dinner over cooking it from scratch. It is easy because it is already set out for your perfectly. Cooking is from scratch won’t always be the same because there are a ton of variables that come into play every time.

Long story short, hit those not good handrails anways. It’s only a two set with an almost vertical rail, just touch it, thats all it takes to do it. Got a rail thats up to your shoulder and goes down an 8 set that has two foot long steps, Hit it with speed!

Rails are bloody easy, what makes handrails hard is the fact that there isn’t a perfect one.

Yeah, I hear ya. We started making our own when all the rails around here started being busts. A homemade rail is better than no rail. And you can session it all day with out all the little groms getting in the way and leaving trash about the place.


But they’re like just not good… one is like 60cm long then has a kink and if i grinded it I would land in the garden and it’s just crap.

The other one has half a rev run up space… I can’t hop that high with half a rev onto the rail…


But thanks people for the help so far

ive made a few out of the frame of a trampoline,one of the old square ones.if you live near bush you can usualy find a dumped one in the bush somewhere.hope this helps