homemade handle...

i’ve decided that my viscount saddle needs a handle, and with the up and comming purchase of my unistar 24, i am not going to have the 40 bucks left over to spend on a reeder (the downside of spending nites at stage crew and not a job)

but, as i am a resorceful lad, and have access to a machine shop, i figured i could make one if only to last me until i could buy the real deal.

which leads me to my question… having never used a handle in the reeder fashon i don’t know which direction it is supposed to go. on unicycle.com you can order either left or right handed (i would be right handed) but they don’t specefy which is which. with my history i’d end up making a left handed handle and have to re-do it… so if someone could tell me which way it goes it would be greatly appriceated…

The Reeder handle that you hold with your left hand is on the left as it leaves the seat and then ends up pointing to the right. Remember to think of this from the top of the seat.

Since one installs the handle on the bottom, it can be confusing to think “upside down.”

I’ve just fitted a makeshift handle to my viscount seat on my MUni using a mountain bike handle bar stem (there is a picture on the recent thread ‘Coker Handle Solution’) and fitted it on the right looking down for use with the right hand but have found that I feel more comfortable grabbing it with the left hand even though I’m right handed, this is probably because I’m more used to using my dominant arm on its own for balance and also when I feel a dismount coming on (UPD or Planned) I grab the back of the seat with my right hand. I’m thinking about changing it over but for now I think I will leave it as it might help me to practice swapping hands and so learn to be a bit more ambidextrous as I’m sure this should help me as my skills progress. I’ll be interested in anyone elses thouhts or comments on this as I’m only just getting into seat grabbing as I’m now starting to tackle steeper hills.