Homemade grind plates

hey, im not sure if this question has already been asked but.
Could people who have made their own grind plates please post a pic of how they look and also tell me how good they r, and how i could go about making them and attaching them to my snafus !! ??

Coz im either gonna make myself a grind plate or buy the Kommando grind plate from danscomp :S but they r expensive to ship to aus, so give me a few opinions on wat u think i should do :slight_smile:

There are some pictures of my homemade grindplate at the bottom of this page.

I made them by cutting and bending a piece of aluminum. I drilled a hole on one end to screw onto the reflector hole on the pedal and I bent the other end so that it clips over the other side of the pedal. It’s easy to do if you have a hacksaw and a drill, and probably any piece of scrap sheet medal metal should work.

My grind plate works great on waxed steel and such, but I have yet to test its durability on a ledge. It may not last long for that methinks. It slides like ice, though.

ok yeah cool thanx, yeah im gettin a special order thru my lbs to get me a pair of gusset grind pedals.

if ne1 has knowledge about wat the gussets are like, could you please tell me a bit about them and how they go?!