homemade giraffe update

ok my giraffe has now had a 28t sprocket fitted to the 1pc crank and welded in place so it doesnt slop around and i got a 48spoke bmx wheel and took the freewheel off and screwed a track cog on then welded it in place put a silver kmc z chain on and a kikzumbut tyre on

nice work. What is the gear ratio and how does it ride?

i dont know the ratio but it rides nicely i can idle it and all i think it rides about the same as a 26 with 100mm cranks

It rides heeps fast XD (I’ve ridden it)

How many teeth are on the bottom cog? This figure, compared to the top cog will give the ratio.


I want to built a Giraffe like that! but with a higher gear ratio! It would be so awsome to ride, I could do distance riding on a giraffe. :sunglasses:

Is it me, or is that unicycle a tad crooked? lol

Nice work. Now make a vid. :slight_smile:

Welding or Brazing?

Would brazing be adequate for building a giraffe from old bicycle parts? Or should I look into having it welded?

I know that the fancy giraffe’s have dual chains for less play but is that required or simply preferable?


Brazing will work, but will likely fail sometime in the future. That’s what happened the the giraffes’ that we brazed together. If you’re going to do the brazing yourself you could give it a try, and have any failures welded to prevent future problems.

On the chain, simply preferred. There are lots of giraffe’s around with just a single chain.