Homemade BC w/plates

Your plates are probably around the same drop height as the old bedfords and unidennis’s plates. That is why Darren made me the lowered ones. I think Dennis was talking about dropping his also and playing with different designs that we were talking about at Ca muni weekend.

Darren made you the Lowered ones? Are those specially for you, or are the new bedfords lower like yours? I saw some plates with THREE holes so you can choose your own height…are those bedfords?

Those are the Nimbus plates from UDC. The two extra holes are kinda useless, you really only need the topmost hole unless you have a small foot or something.

Yeah, these. Are these good plates? They look narrower than the bedfords.


I am on the Bedford team so I was testing out the lowered prototypes. I have heard that Darren will be selling the lower ones soon.

I heard that the nimbus plates bend but on uni.co.uk they say they are reinforced now. I don’t know much about them. I would still choose long plates over the short ones though.

These are the lowered ones…

There are more pictures in my gallery.

I like them just fine. Front to back they are shorter then Bedford long plates, but my foot fits just fine on them, and I wear a shoe size 10 1/2.

I’m not worried about them bending any time soon at least, I’ve done some drops around 20" though.

How do you keep the plates from moving or rotating in opposite directions? I tightened the heck out of the plate bolts but the plates still got out of alignment quickly. I noticed yours were that way and loose at CMW.

I usually get 2 piles of bricks and set them a little more than the tire’s width apart then put the plates one each side and the wheel in the middle and stand on the plates as I tighten the bolts as hard as I can.

When you saw my bc at cmw it was after I grinded a ledge at the skatepark and they skewed a little so I pulled them back to normal and they went completely loose. I didn’t have a wrench with me so I left it like that. It was still ridable but its not supposed to be like that. I was doing some one footed plateflips since they spun indepedently of each other, it was pretty stupid looking.

I like that idea! Do you use any special kind of “locking” washer? WHat about loktite? Oh, since UDC is temp. down, do you know how much they want for the nimbus plates?

Ha ha! Look at this one! :astonished: The metal looks too thin to be very stable. Looks like it would bend easily. Also note the sparse amount of spokes!

bc made.jpg

I don’t know if they sell the plates separatetly, they don’t list them separate on the website.

I just use normal washers. I actually have been wanting to try locktite but I haven’t before.