homemade airseat

A while ago someone had pictures in the forum of their airseat made from a 12" tube and a blue sock. Can anyone find that thread? I just need help on how to arange the tube under the sock.

Re: homemade airseat

You might try using the “Search” feature with a few different keywords. I used “Homemade Airseat” and got a number of threads back, of which this one looked like it might be useful:


John Childs also has some good visual documentation of an airseat construction, although I didn’t see any blue sock. You can find the album here: http://gallery.unicyclist.com/john_childs

Good luck.


air seat

you can go here for instrutions on how to make an airseat.about halfway down the main screen on the right it says AIRSEAT CONVERSION or something like that. click on that.:smiley:

hah. just found this in another thread. I knew what you were talkin about :wink: