Homemade 2 wheeler

Well, the club welder took my uni, some tubing, and a bike wheel, and I now have a perfectly solid 2 wheeler!

I started trying it out today, and can freemount it into teetering on top…but as soon as I try to convince my legs to pedal backwards…they pedal forwards and I fall off.

Although, being able to get atop it is a lot better than pulling myself up a wet tree limb, like we started out doing earlier today!

Here are some pics…the twisting in the first pic only has one bearing bolt in each side…the welder was not looking directly into the arc when welding.

The finished uni will have a white frame…we just had to put it through some testing before bothering to paint it.
After the several dozen drops it’s been through already, it is probably good for painting.

Have you landed any yet? :wink: Very nice! Please keep us up to date with your two-wheeling.


how complicated is it to add a 3rd wheel so you can pedal forwards? Or does this defeat the whole purpose of being unique and pedaling the opposite direction that you move?

or a 4th…6th or 8th…hmmm just imagine…

i have no interest in ever adding a 3rd wheel.

They make giraffes for that…or maybe…he’ll make a girafe for that.

Good one, Andrew :slight_smile:

What’s up with the eyes man?

his request was for me to photoshop his eyes to suggest that was the problem of the twisted wheels

(he’s getting that first pic printed out :slight_smile: )

When learning to ride a 2-wheeler, it helps if you can turn your brain off. This is easier for some people than others. As you have already seen, the instant your normal unicycling reflexes take over, BAM! Down you go.

The learning process is to create a set of reverse reflexes to control the thing, and never let your “core” reflexes take over. Take your time when riding, especially when learning to idle, or when switching from forward to reverse or idling motions.

I still remember my first attempt at riding a 2-wheeler. It belonged to Jack Halpern, and he had brought it to the 1980 USA Nationals, the first convention I ever went to. I think it was also the first 2-wheeler ever made (in the modern era at least). I stupidly tried to ride it away from a folding table in the middle of the school parking lot. BAM! and a big gouge in my shin.