I hope that you came home well from Unicon XIII. It was a real pleasure for us to have you in Switzerland.

I hope that you enjoyed your stay.
I’m looking forward to Unicon XIV in Denmark.
See you all there.

Best regards,


i know this may be a stupid question but what is unicon?

UNICON is shorthand for UNIcycle CONvention. UNICON is the world championships and convention event sanctioned by the International Unicycling Federation, Incorporated, a not for profit group dedicated to promoting unicycling as a sport. A UNICON is held every two years. Local organizing committees organize and run the UNICON events with help from IUF officers and volunteers from throughout the world. It is similar to how the Olympic movement works, but on a much smaller (and, as in the Olympics of old, completely amateur) scale.

UNICON XIII wrapped up last week in Langenthal, Switzerland. UNICON XIV is scheduled to be held July 26 through August 4, 2008 in Copenhagen, Denmark. UNICON XV is currently being planned for Darwin, Australia in 2010.

Tom Daniels
Secretary / Treasurer
International Unicycling Federation, Incorporated

Well Unicon. It’s hard to describe the whole event.
Search Unicon13 in the galleries and you will get an answer.

Unicon13 was a meeting of over 900 unicyclist from 26 nations who had a big party and realized great sports.

I need help to describe it. So others should try.

oh cool… maybe i might be interested in this some day… maybe 2012 or 2014 depending on where i am in life because im only 15

Dear Reto,
Thanks so much again for putting on such an amazing event. My family and I enjoyed it SO much. We made it home safely last night after a long trip and are looking forward to riding with you in Denmark in 2 years. Hope you have a great time with your new unicycle in the mean time.


I’m still working on a clean mount on my first unicycle. I try to have a daily training. Thanks so much for that present. I will give my best…

CU in Denmark.