Home page changes

I have added a couple of sections to the Unicycling home page. I made a
selection for learning how to ride the unicycle, incorporating the method from
the FAQ, as well as one from the Juggling Info. Service and one from a home
page. I also compiled “Fun things to try on the unicycle” and put it in html
form. If you would like to add any items to the list let me know.

I’m running out of disk space here, so I would like to make a few changes. Since
people can get to the web pages via email, I will phase out the FTP directory.
This keeps me from having to duplicate some files and gives nicer access to the
things I do make available since they will be html.

The other thing is that I am looking for things to link to on other machines. I
currently have links to places like the unicycle section at the JIS, the British
Unicycle Hockey page, and an article on learning the unicycle from an
individual’s home page. If you would write a page on a unicycle topic I can link
to it from the Unicycle Home Page. If it is stuff for the FAQ or the USA skill
levels I would like to bring them here, but I would be happy spreading out the
page for anything else.


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