Home made unicycle T-Shirts!

Decided to make a thred to see what Unicycling shirts people have designed/made!

im currently designing a singlet… heres the first concept:

Looks good!

haha, awesome T-shirt!:smiley:

Nice design Boffy. Like the photo with the coil so much.
I made this one some years ago :slight_smile:

sry for big images…

NO Talent!

Hey, I can make a Muni, but I can’t make these shirts!
When will you sell me one or two in Large?

Hi, i made only one piece of this t-shirt. I painted it with specials type of colours using brush and printed template of it. I wanted to try this technique. But if you or anybody else want it, i can give you a link for download the design. If you want psd file (photoshop), just say. So if you would be interested of the hole t-shirt, you can get it printed by yourself or get it on whatever you want. :slight_smile:
I’m not completly sure if it requires some final adjustments.

Here’s the link:

My Uni shirt.


LOL love that one