Home made unicycle frame

Hey everyone,

I just thought that I would show you this Unicycle frame that I made in my year 10 metalwork class. For our last project we were allowed to make whatever we wanted as long as it didn’t use to much metal. I grabbed the thickest strongest metal I could find from the workshop and shaped it so that it all joined together. I nearled the top peice in class and then welded it all together at home.

I really like it even though it weighs 1.3 kg.

I don’t know how to post multiple pictures so I will post some more in a sec

another angle

another angle

you should learn to weld but the frame looks cool, even if it’s so heavy!!
it would be strong.

sweet frame seeing as you made it yourself in a school class
i would make one as well but i dont do technology at my school
nice work, maybe myou should get into the unicycle building industry

Sick man. I made a unicycle money box in industrial arts. I got an A+ I think.

nice work, i like the slash cut on the crown tube to make it easier on the knees, and the internal braces under the crown.

it looks cool

powder coat it and it would look like most frames. of course that would kill your ability to show it off as your own creation. That looks really sweet.

sweet im building one in my industrial arts program at my school

Nice work, keep your torch a little more consistent in speed and angle and you’ll have a better looking weld. Though it will never look as nice as a TIG weld, it’s function over looks for me.

Wow. That’s pretty impressive, looks fantastic.

I only ever made useless stuff in my technology class, making something you can actually use is great.


That’s pretty cool. It’s always more fun riding a uni that you built. You ought to be able to get that powder coated for a few bucks. Find a powder coat shop and see if they’ll just let you add it to a lot that someone else is getting done. You don’t get to choose your color that way but what the heck. It’s hard to argue with ‘cheap.’

What did you use for bearing holders?

Maybe you could drill some holes if you wanna save some weight…

But even if its heavy… its unique and pretty cool :slight_smile: Nice work.

It looks great and it has to be a lot of fun riding something you built yourself. I built a 5’ Uni in my tenth grade metal shop class but that was in 19751 Ha! Yours looks a lot better!!!

Sweet, looks beefy!!!

Looks like normal Nimbus or Qu-ax holders.
Prety cool job, but you might beter weld something on that angled tube you use for a crown.
Will not be fun when you scrape half your knee off with it.
Peter M

Yeah, I just used some old nimbus bearing holders from a broken unicycle I had and I was surprised that they fitted onto the onza/kh wheel because i looked it up on unicyclist.com and they are different sizes and stuff.

I like to open see through part.
that’s cool.


goog job !

1.3kg is a bit high though, just drill some holes in it :slight_smile: it’ll make it more unique + make it lighter