home-made saddle cover

This sounds silly, but if you have ideas/inputs…
I am trying to make a seat cover to put over my precious gel seat so not tear it(like the last one).
I don’t like putting sticky ducktaps so I thought denium would be best clothe material to use.
It will be made of denium so it can withstand the scraps from my UPD. I plan to make several so I can replace them as they wear out(instead of the gel seat).
Need some pattern so I can sew the front and back part to taper up. Does anyone have some saddle patterns I can use?
Thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t have any patterns, but there not hard to make. just trace the outline of your seat, and then sew a strip of material on the side big enough for your seat and a drawstring. Also, I would suggest making it out of vinal or leather. Denum isn’t as strpng as it looks, but it might be fine if you don’t UPD that much.

I have made a saddle cover, try searching the old threads it’s called self-designed seat cover. My cover is modeled after KH.

I used demim for a while untill I got some leather, the denim is nice to work with and seemed quite durable, but maybe not in the longterm, by the way, the leather still looks like new after many hours and hundreds of miles of riding!

Anyway, on my thread there is some discussion which might help you. Please keep me posted on how your project turns out!

All the best,

nice cover

Hey those seats you made looks great!
I will look for some black leather and vinyl and see what I can come up with.

I just sent you a p.m. with one of my patterns in it :wink:

Hey Leadpan,

I make many of my own seat covers. My template came from a Miyata seat cover that I de-constructed and created a poster-board template - with a few adjustments. E-mail me at:


I can copy my template and send it to you and you can play with it as you like.