Home-made multi-hole cranks

Hi guys,

there seems to be a trend these day to refurbish good old KH Moments by drilling them to save some weight (with more or less success depending on the technique).

I was wondering: would it be possible to drill KH Moments to make dual-hole cranks ? Or even triple-hole cranks ?

(And depending on the result of this, it might be extended to more than KH Moments).

Anyone with skills in this domain to provide some feedback on this (does & don’ts) and if it would be an affordable move ?


I’ve seen someone drill the new KH Spirit Cranks to make multiple sized cranks out of them. I dont remember who did that, and I think it was triple holed or even more. I dont think you could have any problems doing that. The only thing you’d have to check it the distance between the pedal body and the crank since KH Moment cranks have Q-factor, unless you’re doing like 40mm cranks it should not affect though.

I might do that on the next pair of cranks I drill depending on what they will be used for. I know it is possible to buy the left side Tap from ParkTool.

I’m sure it’s possible. I’ve saved space on my drilled 165 Moments for exactly that purpose. Threading holes in aluminum should be pretty easy. The question is whether it’s worth it to buy both a normal and reverse thread tap to do the job.

Edit: I think dual holes would not be a problem, but going to three holes would get you into the angled section of the crank, so the pedals wouldn’t be straight. So yes to dual, no to triple holes.

Hmm. . . the taps are available in a set, quick search looks like around $40 + shipping, + cost of a tap handle if you don’t have one.

Could you do it on Nimbus cranks?

Probably not, the crank arm tapers inside the existing pedal hole, so there is not enough material remaining to preserve integrity.

If you want lightweight, why not get some Moments and drill them out? it would not need to be as precise and you would probably end up with a better end product.

Josh at UDC has been pushing for a two hole crank, so keep an eye out, one may come along sooner than later.

On the venture 1s it definitely wouldn’t work. The venture2 have a different design so they could work. I remember looking at a friend’s pair and we talked about drilling them.

I’m just looking for 137/165’s, not looking at weight. Spirits are too expensive and I already have a brake. Wondered if I could add a hole to my 165’s that are Venture II.

Unless you know someone who can machine and tap the cranks for cheap, even a home job will require the purchase of a taps, so minimum cost is $40. I have found machining to be expensive unless you know someone.

You can get a pair of used dual home Moments for $40-50 and a pair of single hole Ventures for even less. There are also the older QuAx cranks in 125 and 145 that are fairly light

bouin-bouin did it

I agree. But isn’t it also a benefit of a forum to “know someone” ? :smiley:

But it is true that otherwise, swapping cranks can be cheaper (or buying used or on sale dual-holes).

Nevertheless, it is still an interesting question because it opens nice way of reusing good-old Moments while cutting weight / extending capabilities.

Can’t find used ones in 137/165 length and no new ones here in the US or Canada. I may buy them new from the UK, but I wondered if I could find someone to tap my 165’s here cheaper.

If you find somebody, I would be interested by the contact for my Moment 150 :smiley:

Last summer at Unicons I discussed with Marco Vitale from MAD4ONE, he told me that he is machining the taping a little bit below the standard in order to have less clearance with the pedal and this makes the setting stronger; but for that it is necessary to use a special tool, not the standard taps as I used when I machined my 3rd holes on Spirits, my taps make little bit bigger holes than the original ones !

Do you mean he is machining the diameter a little smaller?

yes, exactly and he has no more durability concern since he modified his process