Home made GIRAFFE


I´ve just repaired my old home made giraffe, I just want to sare with you some pics.

If anyone wants a cheap giraffe just go for one of those!!

It is really easy to build and really fun!!

->A cross bike
->A pair of chain tensioners
->A unicycle saddle

Especial tools:
->welding machine

1º disassemble a cross bike
2º weld the rear wheel to fix the plate¿?
3º destroy the bike frame into plain tubes
4º weld a giraffe - like frame with the tubes
5º assemble the frame with the wheel, chain, tensioners and saddle

Thats it!!

      Pepe (Monociclos.Com)

PD: Please if anyone can understand my strage languaje please feel free to transalate it to regular english.:smiley: :smiley:

Hahah thats awsome…how long did it take you?

Is the easiest giraffe to ride!!
And the chapest to build!!

It took me 2 hours to build it and learn to free mount leg around the saddle. :sunglasses:

What’s the duct tape for …? :smiley:

nice job , wish I had a welder :frowning:

Is it hard to attach chain tensioners? What do they look like? What are they for (In less blatant terms)? Can you get them anywhere or like UDC? Thanks.


Most Bike shops should have them, or be able to order them.

Usually all they you have to do is take off the outside locknuts, slip on the tensioners, and put the lock nuts back on (only tightening the lock nuts AFTER tensioning the chain).