home made giraffe

hi so the other day i got bored and made a 26inch wheeld giraffe ill post pics wen i get the chain and it works with me riding it its about 7 foot using 28t to 28tand weighs about 7 kilo i will soon be lacing the cheap kmart hub to an araya rim painting the whole uni black with purple parts

omg you are amazing i been trying to make one for 2 weeks. but i dont have any welding tools so im basicly fucked. pix please

Cool mr universal, please post pictures! And ericaesop, this is a family forum.

Man I wish I could just decide I wanted a giraffe and make one…Did you just find the parts for it or did you buy them? pics would be cool

ive made a girrafe from a oldbike,im planning on macking some sort of freewheeling geared one soon.

i hear my ppl the cameras charging now so will have pics within an hour or two i was riding around today and went on an uneven dirt path and hit a rock and landed all 60 kilo of me on my left heel p.s. i made it out of an old mtb and i just swap my nimbus seat wen i want to ride it

here it is ppl the thing uve been waiting for

Mountain giraffing!

btw thats me standing next to it and im about 5’9’’

yeah mountain giraffing i had a 2.5 wtb motoraptor on but kept hitting the chain buying a slick from kmart soon and maybe next weekend i will make a 12 inch wheeled mini me giraffe that somehow clips onto that one wen im riding like in austin powers with MINI ME in the carrier harness


congratulations Mr universal for bringing another uni into this world.May I suggest adding chain adjusters like those used on bmx just to keep the chain adjustment a bit more permanent and makes setting up easier.:slight_smile:

yeah i did i just put them on ten minutes ago had to cut the dropouts in abit further so yeah the adjusters r on now

heres a pic of the whole uni from bottom up dropouts and tensioners and sprockets there mtb sprockets welded where the freewheel and freewheel thread are so it wont come loose basicaly the freewheel and freewheel hub thread are merged i will post a pic of my first home made giraffe but in the peices that was on it as its not together any more i must warne you though it is a hoj (heap of junk)