home made giraffe take two

ok so after building my 7ft 26 inch wheeled giraffe it got me thinking again and i said ok ive got two three spoke mongoose tuffs lying in the shed and some good alloy shimano cranks not doing anything im going to build a 5ft giraffe with a proper looking giraffe frame no not bought ill make it i have access to a full workshop so this time big sprockets i will get to work on it tomoza and maybe have it done in two weeks or so. will get pics wen its done and if u ppl are lucky maybe even the build process

are we lucky?

I’m lucky.

no were not lucky and i cant do it :frowning: sorry ive worked out that i dont have time atm with tafe and everything and thee weel were i was gonna bolt the the sprocket to wont hold and ive used the weels for an old skool bmx now but im gonna build another giraffe with normal 20 inch weel sorry for gettin ur hopes up it was a thought and it woulda looked cool…