Home made Gel Saddles for Muni

I just made one for my Muni and its super comfy…I basically just stretched a Bike seatcover over my Saddle foan and used ducttape to secure it and i put the cover back on…The mod cost me like $10 for the cover and tahts it. i suggest trying it if your in the market for a new Muni saddle but have a tight budget.

Has anyone else done this?

p.s. now it also has a similar shape to the Freeride saddles…Which are very comfy anyways.
Pic Below



I suggest raising your seat, and growing legs.

yeah, your seat is really low for a muni, how can you get any pwer in your pedal? Any way, good idea! it sounds like it would be super comfy - what is it like compared to an air saddle?

DRRROOOOOOLLLLL… your seatpostclamp has 3 bolts!!! 3

Phil is short.

That looks preety good buddy. Have fun with it. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Yeah, I use a Bell gel saddle under a fusion cover on both my Muni and my 36er

As for whether it more comfy than air i dont kno, ive never ridden air…But yeah im pretty short for my age so my Muni seat is pretty good where it is.