home made gel saddle....

I’ve decided I really need a gel saddle for my coker. my longest trip so far has been 22 miles, done it several times, and it really starts to hurt after that. unfortunately, I have little or no money.
I’ve made an air saddle before, and right now I have KH seat foam on a Torker LX seat base with a duct tape seat cover (because I lost my old KH seat cover…) so basically, I need some ideas of either where to get some sort of gel padding to add to the seat, or possibly other ideas for padding, though gel seems to be the most popular.

what about getting some gel wrist guard things you can get for keyboards and using those?

yeah, i have considered doing that with keyboard gel things, , and it is probably a good idea, u would just have to shape the seat really well so as not to squeeze the gel packs out when u sit on it.

thats a good idea…something that just came to mind is those shole insoles made of gel. I think those would work, if you lay both of them on top of each other, they’d probably be thick enough…I think…

Paying for the materials for any of these suggestions brings you to almost half the cost of an actual gel seat, save up!

but if he makes his own he will be able to make something perfect and it will still be cheaper, plus it will be fun!

If you used a keyboard rest for the top part and an insole to line the sides, I would see it being extremely comfy and you could probably make something similar to that one that has a split in the middle for your junk.

Hey…I know people make air seats but has anyone made a water seat yet? Just make an airseat kind of thing and fill the tube with water! I don’t know how comfortable it would be but water beds are fun…

my immeadiate thought was “why not use J-ello?” but jello tend to trun into liquid if you leave it too long. so i have no idea…id say go for the shoe thingys

My most comfortable Coker seat is a cut down KH foam (way cut down) and a Bell gel seat cover from Walmart. They make one with gel on the sides and back and a void in the middle. I put this pad in unmodified. It seems too wide at the back, but works well when Fusion cover is cinched around it. This along with a rail adapter to get the needed tilt back has been the most comfortable of several distance seat attempts.

I tried this first with a smaller gel pad. http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/?g2_view=core.ShowItem&g2_itemId=30277
It was not bad but still got numbness after a while. The same seat as in the pics with the larger middle void gel pad has been great. No numbness and great comfort.

Never thought of that. Water is harder on impact so it would probably give less bounce than air. Still it would be able to float around in the tube … I think i will try it!

Isn´t you that swedish guy who’s running a 29er tube in a coker for weight saving? Remember water weighs slightly more than air :wink:

Two people who play UniHoki with us have simply taken gel seatcovers made for b*cycles and stretched them over their uniseats.
It’s a very low-tech approach and it seems to work fine.

you could always buy industrial strength condoms, and fill these with putty,
wait, could u fill an inner tube with putty, that would be frickinn comfy, u’d never want to get off ur uni
and how long does it take to wear out the gel on a uni seat, by riding, not pounding into the ground, and stacks, etc :roll_eyes:

oh! i have an idea! call that place that sells those nasa beds and get a free square of memory cell foam!

thats a good idea man…thanks!

no problem

Could you take the gel from a KH saddle and put it on a CF base? I think that would be a kickin’ trials set up.

i think that if anyone uses my memory foam idea, they should call it a jesse cushion or jesse seat or “i jesse rigged my kh saddle” that would be tottaly AWESOME!

They don’t send you enough foam to make a saddle.

hoew do you know? and besides, just have two people get one, or just slice it in half, then it would just be a little thinner besides youll have to cut it down some wont you?