Home made balance whatcha-macallit

well since I dont have very good static balance i made my own little balance contraption. bassical its a piece of plywood that used to hold address number. and the ball on the bottom is the bottom of a fireman’s airtank that my dad got for me and it works great!!!:smiley:


that’s pretty cool. of course, to do it right, you do it with a full bal, not just half a ball. then just balance the plank on top of the ball, and stand on it. eeeeeeasy. :smiley:

Buku boards rock!

Very simple design! You might get more fun from a rola-bola though. Instead of the half-sphere, use a cylindrical object. a piece of 6-8" PVC pipe should work well, as long as you work out traction issues. Should be fine on a carpet. You can even turn your existing board upside down to try it!

I think I have pvc piping in my backyard i might just do that

http://gallery.unicyclist.com/BongoBoard :smiley:

I want one I want one

We have two of them in the gym at school. Except the top plank is round. I’ve been thinking it would be cool to make one.