Home from BUC *Post your pics/videos*


Well… what can I say? What a great weekend!

The weather was great (sunny, if a little cold some times), great great people from all over the world, and great competition :stuck_out_tongue:

On Friday we arrived at about 11am, and built the trials course with Yoggi. This took up much of the day. Friday night was such a laugh. After a few drinks I took part in the Ceilidh, and I loved it! Im hopeless, but it was a good laugh (even being a lady). Friday night is great for meetin new people, which I did in the way of Simon and Kristian from Denmark, Patrick, Christy, and during the weekend, meeting and putting faces to people such as Pete, Kit, Steve, and Pebbles just to name a few, and meet up with the guys I aint seen for ages:- Rob, Iain, Stephen, Gayno etc.
We spent the rest of the night playing stupid games, thanks to Mini and Patrick, which were quite addictive! Putting something like a cork on the floor, taking four steps back, and try to kick it over with one foot being one of them. haha. Also pushing each other standing face to face without using your hands being another.
I dont know how, but we got into a conversation about piss hockey with Mini. Closely followed by extreme pisshockey, just dont ask… you had to be there! :smiley:

After getting to bed at around 2.30, I had a quick sleep (snoring and all), and woke as tired as I was when I went to bed. Quick wash, and it was off to get some breakfast… yum yum.

10.00 and the Hockey starts to be organised. There was a great turn out here, with teams from all over the country, Germany, and 2 scratch teams. The standard was very high all-round. The final saw Stockton (my team) play a German team (sorry, cant remember the name). Needless to say, the Germans won, but it was very close. We put up a good fight with the final score being 4-3. Well done to all teams, it was great!

The Freestyle competition, which unfortunately I didnt see, was won by Will, and he performed his winning routine in the show, Well done mate!

The trials competition, which couldnt of happened without Yoggi (Merci!) saw around 15 competitors battle it out on the course. At the end of the comp, we had a draw. Both Yoggi and I finished the whole course, which, after a little time deciding how to find a winner, the tiebreak section was ridden on Sunday.

After a quick shower, dash to Tesco’s for some alchofrolics (those self service tills are great… they dont need ID :stuck_out_tongue: BOOOYA!) we were just in time for the show. Compared by Luke, all performances were great. These included Joe M (who had ridden from Nottingham to Stockton on his Coker) juggling in a number of different positions, girls doing Poi, Will and his freestyle performance, Smiley Dave with his two Diablos, Christy, Christy and Connie, Simon Wells, and Gilby on his two wheeler. Oh how could I forget Roger and Rocket on two wheelers! :wink:

After the show there were two bands. One, a didgeridoo and fiddle duo, and a jazz trio (I think), which mostly went down well.
Yoggi and I, along with Simon and Kristian, maybe a few others, were practicing toaster tricks in the canteen. These involved putting bread in the toaster, and either popping the bread back up or waiting for it to toast (the latter being the hardest, due to the heat of the toast!), and catching it, swapping two slices over, or putting butter and jam on before it comes back down. It was a good game at the time! :slight_smile:

A few liquid refreshments later, late night unicycle games were in order. These being gladiators (yeah, Will, you are gladiators champ! :P), bulldog, sumo, chicken, musical unicycles, followed by late night hockey, which there was actually a good turn out for.
What a great day!

After hurting my knee playing games, I hobbled to the toilets Sunday morning for a wash, then to the canteen for some breakfast. I thought my knee was getting better until I rode my uni. Still, a sore knee wasnt going to stop me going on a Muni ride. Again, turn out for Muni was good. We went to Guisborogh woods, a 20-40min car trip away, depending if you got lost of not :stuck_out_tongue: There were 3 groups. A fast long ride group, a normal Muni group, and a trials group.
We, in the trials group, rode/walked to Roseberry Topping, a huge hill/cliff, with great views, and a great place for some extreme trials. After a good play and photo session, we headed back to the cars for some lunch. By around 2 we were back at the convention and time for Yoggi and I to go head to head on the trials course. We both cleared the first section, and on the second section both came off at the same point, about 3 times! On the third section, an unsuccessful pedal grab to rubber by Yoggi resulted in him not completing that section, which I did. Final results: 1- Joe Baxter, 2 - Yoggi, 3 - Rick Else. Well done to all who competed in the competition, it was great fun!

The convention ended with a BUC meeting, where no host was found for next years BUC! Email UUU if you fancy it!!

After dismantling the trials course, a go on Miarks bike :stuck_out_tongue: (its great… I’ll swap it with my scooter :thinking: :smiley: ), and a fair share of good byes, it was time to hit the road.

What a great BUC… roll on next year! :smiley:

My Pics and videos will be up soon, but in the mean time, post yours, and give us your stories.
Sorry if i have missed everything anything/anyone out, but my memory isnt the greatest ever… :o


Hey joe, ive just got up i fell asleep at 7! maybe i should of got more sleep at buc :slight_smile: well my foot is sore but it will be alright tommorow. Ill put some of the good pictures on tommorow. I dont think ill but putting the show on internet though im only on 56k. Right im off to get some food, all ive had today is a bagle* and half a macdonalds.


Great Review Joe! And nice to see my name mentioned too! :wink:

It has been a great weekend, a BIG thank you to all organisers for putting on a great convention for the second year running.

Weather was great, even though fair bit colder than last year which was a shame, but the sun was out in force and was dry all weekend.

But must go now, as in 55 hours i have driven 550 miles, done numerous hours of unicycling juggling etc, and only slept for 10 of those, and i think im about to fall asle…

Myself and Pete have just got back. I’ve flopped and Pete’s gone off to Sainsburys car park with my bro and sis to play with his schlumpfy poo. What a wicked weekend! Wish I could have done a little more riding, but if I will go jumping on plugs…Many many thanks from both Pete and myself to the organisers! And many thanks to Leo White for helping me out with my Muni wheel. A great weekend was definitely had. Sleep is very much needed though, going to finish my cup of tea and hit the hay.


edit: Should be posting up some pics on the morrow. We took about 5 or 6 films over the weekend so many many pics.

great weekend, didnt do as much riding as last year, but that wasnt a problem, i got to watch some amazing freestyle and some great trials aswell.
The muni ride was also a nice ride, and the weather held out all weekend, although a little cold.

Pics and videos up sometime soon (well, sometime in the future), can i request simon well’s freestyle routine from the show from someone, i know there were a few cameras about, and preferably in DV, my camera ran out of tape midway through his routine… :angry:

Thanks to the organisers for a great weekend (again)

What a fantastic weekend.
My first ever BUC and I enjoyed every minute.
Watching all the good riders (ie everyone else) I think I’ve learnt to!really ride sitting down in the seat & have more control over the uni. Also learnt to ‘bunny hop’.
Some totally breathtakingly fabulous unicycling going on. So much to aim for!
Thanks to the organisers for doing such a great job. There was always something going on, even for non-unicyclists like my husband and son (who were actually both inspired to think about riding themselves). Tea and tost on tap - wonderful! Great show and demo from Simon Wells. Great competitions. Actually there was so much going on that I didn’t get to see everything that I wanted to. Never mind.
Next year I want to be going on the MUNI and doing the dancing on my uni.
It was also good, if a little freaky to put some faces to some of the names on this forum - hi Steve, Steve, Keith, Chris and everyone else.
How strange it has been to come back to a world where not everyone has a unicycle (or two).
Roll on next year! Can I prereg yet?

Ok ive got some pics up now there Here

Ive got all the show up to and Connie and Christy act.


Some great pics there Trev! I like your angles :wink:

It took my like all night, but i have 102 of my 190 pics up. I’ve left out the poorer quality and blured ones.

Joes BUC 12 pics

I’ve got 12 video clips which ill make into a short video… will be uploaded soon! :slight_smile:

Enjoy, and post yours…


I didn’t actually take any pictures while at BUC, I was too busy riding.

My pictures from the journey there are at


Simon Well’s freestyle routine was probably the highlight, what an amazing show, the first freestyle routine I’ve seen that was also a really good show.

Muni racing flat out on a borrowed 29er (thanks Alan) was fun too.

Oh and it was super cool playing hockey with really good players, particularly the German team.

Several people have expressed an intention to ride there from home next year which is cool. I have a bit of an idea about this…


Nice pictures joe :slight_smile: no freestyle pics though :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeh nice pictures guys. Joey you got a picture of that doubles trick Christy and Connie did which i wanted to try but couldnt remember it so thanks :slight_smile:

I do have some pictures, mostly of the trials comp, but would have to figure out how to make an album or something to post them so its on my to do list :wink:

It was a great weekend, well done to everyone who won competitions etc and to everyone who took part. I loved the dancing on friday night joe and patrick made it very interesting… and joe ‘YOUR GOING THE WRONG WAY’ lol tut tut. And did u actually try piss hockey?

It was intersting to see Trev unicycling in his cast. You always seem to amaze me lol and it was great seeing all the international unicyclists there. Simon Wells was great :smiley: thanks for the help with the coasting.

I didnt go on the Muni ride again this year… but im hoping roger will take me on the Muni some times soon he he.

It was great seeing everyone again like Sam, Ian and Robin and nice to meet Grace finally :slight_smile: Nice to meet Pete and Kit, hope you guys are having fun with the Schlumpf it really is beautiful!


What a great weekend and I only wish it was longer, though my body may not agree.

I didn’t take many photo’s or much video as I was too busy riding. I did catch Gilby gliding on the Muni ride though, take a look at the video here.


oh yes, the schlumpf is FUN! Got to grips with shifting up and down not to mention cruising with a big grin. We’ve found that when shifting up you need to pedal faster than the wheel to engage the gear or bad things happen, but when shifting down you can coast and let the wheel catch up with the pedals.

I’m uploading a few pics at the mo should have a few more up in the next week or so…As soon as one of us has enough pennies to get more films developed.


here be pictures…



Great pics of ur ride Joe. Love to captions too :stuck_out_tongue:

You got some good stuff Kit. I like seeing the freestyle pics. Wish I’d taken more!

Just about to make video…


well after failing to get them in the gallery, or a website, they are now in my msnspace…


Yoggi has put a video of trials stuff from BUC 12 on the Koxx One site, this is the direct link to the video;


That goes part way to explaining why he was falling asleep in the back of my van on the way back from the Muni ride.

I haven’t done this before with my photos so I don’t know if it’s going to work out but here goes…
I think my photos are here -

Cool it works.
Loved it.

Sorry, doesn’t work after all.

a) does any one have kit’s or pete’s e-mail address’s

and b) if you have them please would you post them for me

thank you xxxxx